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Florida Bedroom Interior Designers



Bedrooms are usually a space of rest and coziness and they should bring you the comfort you need after a day’s work.

Based on your tastes and requirements, we can bring you a wide range of models and color themes to suit all types of bedrooms.

Bedroom Interior Design Miami

Bedroom 1

The beige tone of the bedspread makes a great match with the curtains, creating a cozy ambiance. The two bedside tables along with the lamps give the room a sense of symmetry and the yellow flowers bring more light into the room.

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Bedroom Interior Design Florida

Bedroom 2

The large beds and the headboard in between along with the two pieces of modern art make the perfect ambiance for a guest room. The light comes in through a large window that is discretely covered by a thin hanging curtain.

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Bedroom Interior Designer Miami

Bedroom 3

The futurist design of the lamps along with the two abstract paintings gives this bedroom design an ultra modern appearance. Our designers placed the desk next to the bed to make the space even more practical.

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Bedroom Interior Designers Miami

Bedroom 4

The eye-catching piece of art and the large bed gives this bedroom a special note of modern yet simple ambiance. The olive bedspread perfectly matches the hanging curtains and the carpet and it is the flowers and the lamp that bring it all together.

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Bedroom Interior Design Services

The bedrooms in a home probably get the least importance when it comes to interior design and decoration. This is the space in any household that does not get exposed to visitors. But if you feel that home should be designed so every member of the family can enjoy living in it, you will agree that bedrooms are one of the most important elements of the home.

J. Design group is an undisputed leader in bedroom interior design. We have earned this reputation through providing our clients with the most unique and innovative design solutions. Our goal is to design every home to fulfill your dreams and transform it into a place of joyful living for all family members. Our team of designers is highly imaginative and has successfully completed a diverse range of projects in bedroom interior design for luxury homes as well as for hotels and motels.

The bedroom is a space that you can escape to at the end of the day whether at home or in a hotel. This is where you relax and sleep so you can function the next day. For this reason, we design bedrooms where client’s wishes and ideas are the top priority. Bedroom interior design is a complex task because every room needs to be designed in a unique fashion; the rooms have to complement each other and co-exist in total harmony. The master bedroom requires that romantic atmosphere where the couple can relax and enjoy the décor. Children rooms require focus on safety and functionality. The guest room needs a stunning look that will be admired by your visitors.

Based on a color theme, we will provide selection of ultra modern or traditional furniture, sophisticated bedding, fascinating window and wall coverings, dazzling glass and mirror paneling, custom artwork, accessories and state-of-the-art lighting to brighten up every bedroom in the house.


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