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Restaurant Interior Design Services



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Our team of professionals are highly imaginative and creative to design every restaurant with a unique touch in line with your ideas and tastes.

Interior Designer Miami

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Restaurant patrons go out for dinner as much for the food as they do to be entertained visually by the interior design of the restaurant they will dine in. Our interior designers have made judicious use of plants, artistic wall hangings and ceiling curtains to create a pleasant atmosphere to dine in.

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An elegant design coupled with the sound muting qualities of the hanging ceiling curtains creates an intimate atmosphere for your guests to enjoy a fine meal and have a romantic conversation in pleasant surroundings. Our interior designers can assist with lighting and wall hangings for your restaurant.

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Restaurant Interior Design Services

J. Design group, based in Southern Florida, is one the most reputed restaurant interior designers offering a wide range of services in this market. We undertake every project with a truly original approach that is ahead of the times. This is what makes us a cut above the rest. Today, almost every one in the hospitality industry realizes the importance of services provided by professional interior designers. Initial investment in restaurant interior design can more than pay off the cost with increased employee productivity, increased customer traffic and higher daily sales. J. Design group boasts a team of highly creative and experienced interior designers. We can create that one of a kind restaurant with perfect décor and ambiance conforming to your tastes and ideas.

Our goal is to provide the most exhilarating design for the key elements of your space that includes bar, waiting areas, kitchen, service areas and dining areas without missing out on the most minor details. We provide selection of trendy furniture and fabrics, bar countertops and stools, flooring and wall coverings. Using state-of-the-art illumination that combines the effect of hidden lights and exquisite light fixtures along with appropriate use of glass and mirror panels, we will create a dazzling restaurant with an inviting and comfortable environment for clients.

When we undertake a project as restaurant interior designers, our focus is on image, functionality and funding. Image is a very important element that defines the type of business. It’s the image of an establishment that attracts the clientele. Functionality of a space in restaurant business has an enormous impact on employee productivity and customer convenience. Both of these factors will have a direct bearing on the success of any restaurant business. With our commitment to implement every phase of the project in time and within budget, you will see your establishment come alive as a one of a kind restaurant.


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