Hotel Interiors: How to Create an Amazing Design

hotel interiorWhen traveling for business or pleasure, travelers need somewhere to rest and stay when they reach their destinations. There are many hotels available to accommodate this need but today’s travelers want more from hotels than ever before. They expect all the modern conveniences that include everything from a complimentary breakfast to free WiFi but that’s still not always enough to keep them coming back.

Many travelers expect hotels to have a great interior design to go along with the amenities because it does have an impact on the overall experience. For this reason, hotels that go that extra mile to create a unique and interesting interior design will attract more visitors and the following tips can help.

Hotel Interiors Consist of Three Basic Design Elements

Designers turn to three basic elements to create unique hotel interior designs. By combining these three elements, you have countless possibilities that allow you to create different types of interesting environments. This makes it possible to create a design that caters to the particular type of guests you’re targeting.

The three main design elements associated with hotel interiors are:

  1. Texture- Texture is a term that refers to the surface quality of the material used to decorate the interior of the hotel. It can be smooth or rough depending on what type of appearance you’re trying to create. Adding texture to your interior is a great way to make a lasting impression on your visitors and it can help make your establishment stand out from all the rest.
  2. Color- Color is more important than you might think. Go too bold and outrageous and your guests may feel intimated. Go too plain and your hotel becomes boring and lifeless leaving your guests wanting something more. In both instances, most visitors will look for a different hotel the next time they travel or vacation instead of returning to your establishment.
  3. Patterns- You can use patterns to create a dramatic interior that energizes your guests by making them feel excited and happy. You can go simple with black and white or use a variety of colors to really bring your interior to life. However, you do have to be careful not to go overboard with patterns or it can feel chaotic and uncomfortable.

Here at J. Design Group, our expert designers have the experience to combine these three elements to create a design that meets your specific goals, while keeping your unique concepts and needs in mind. Give us a call to discuss the details of your project when you’re ready to get started.

Make Your Hotel More than Just a Place to Stay

If you really want to stand out from the rest, make your hotel more than just a place to stay with a beautiful interior design that makes a lasting impression. Pay close attention to the lobby when creating your design because it’s where social and business activities take place. Provide comfortable seating, good lighting and create sections to provide more privacy for your guests to socialize.

Using colors, patterns and textures throughout your hotel will create a unique and inviting environment that keeps visitors coming back. It’s a great way to set your establishment apart from all the rest.