Customizing a Child’s Room

Children's RoomOnce children reach the age of two or three, they want to start doing things for themselves. They want to pick out their own clothes, dress themselves and choose the toys they want to play with when they’re in the mood. With a little encouragement and patience, you can help your child learn how to do all these things and more but it helps to make it convenient for them to accomplish these tasks.

Kids can do more for themselves than many people realize when given the chance to explore and experiment. It might take a few tries but eventually, they will get there. Creating an interior design that caters to children will go a long way in helping them develop the skills they need to be self-efficient. Below are a few tips for customizing a child’s room that will help.

Choose Custom Furniture

When choosing furniture for a child’s room, safety is at the top of the list. Sharp corners and glass have no place in a kid’s room. You also have to watch out for dresser drawers with no latch to prevent them from pulling all the way out and items tall enough to tip over if the child pulled on them. This is why custom furniture designed especially for children is the way to go. Not only does it make the room a safe place for your child to spend her time but it also makes things more accessible.

Install Built-In Shelving

Regular shelves are not appropriate in a child’s room. If they’re too high, the child can’t reach them and if they’re low enough to reach, kids can run into them and get hurt creating a safety hazard. Built-in shelving solves this problem. Choose an area and install built-in shelving from the ceiling to the floor. For now, you can keep all of her things on the bottom shelves but as she grows, the extra shelves will be available.

Built-In shelves and storage bins make it easy for your child to clean up after playtime and it will help her learn how to stay organized. It will also make it easier for her to find the toy she wants to play with, so you don’t have to spend thirty minutes digging through the giant toy box looking for it. Everything will be neat and easy to clean. Here at J. Design Group, our professionals have years of experience designing luxury homes to meet the needs of our clients and we can do the same for you.

Redesign the Closet

Closets are made for adults, not children. The shelves and clothes rod are too high for kids to reach. Redesigning the closet to match the height of your child will make it easy for her to pick out her own clothes, so she can dress herself in the morning. It also allows her to put up her own clothes on laundry day, which is a habit you’ll really appreciate as she gets older.

Customizing your child’s room will help her develop skills she’ll use for the rest of her life and our Miami interior designers and decorators can help you create the perfect interior space for your child. When you make it easy for your child to do things for herself, it gives her confidence and encourages her to keep trying. Having a room where she can reach her clothing, toys and other forms of entertainment is a great way to start. It makes clean up much easier, too so that’s an added bonus.