Penthouse Interior Designer: How to and Tips

Penthouse Interior DesignerThere is so much more to interior design than simply colors or furniture. In fact, true interior design is one of the greatest and oldest fine arts found in our culture. It takes knowledge, an eye for detail and the intuition to understand the world around you, the world within and how to interpret what the client wants. With so many factors involved in interior design, it’s not as easy to create a “how to” guide.

There are not simple steps to get the perfect design or everyone would be doing it. It’s very much about interpretation and experimentation. So when it comes to penthouse interior design, you want to work with someone who knows what they’re doing. You might even have some tips and ideas of your own that you want to incorporate into the design. Let’s take a look at some ideas.

Penthouse Interior Design Tips

When designing a penthouse, some of the “rules” are different. We use the term loosely because we believe true design is about thinking outside of the box and being creative and original. With a penthouse, you typically think plush and elegant. It’s luxury at its finest and you want the design to reflect that.

You get to make some design choices that might not always be practical in another location but that really work in a penthouse. Texture, rich colors and clean lines all come together to form a modern and sleek appeal. Plush furniture, gold trim and elaborate light fixtures may give a more traditional, elegant feel. There are many ways to go with a penthouse design but it’s generally acceptable to be more elaborate, more elegant and more luxurious than you would in another living space.

When creating your design, you also want to consider location and space. The amount of space and Penthouse Interior Designerthe shape of the space of the penthouse will determine how you can make the most of your space. Too much furniture or bulky furniture will create a cluttered look that is not relaxing or luxurious. Color combinations, paint choices and even the art on the walls can help open up a space, create a cool feeling or a warm feeling – whatever you’re going for. And all of these are great examples to why you may want to hire a penthouse interior designer to help you.

How to Choose a Penthouse Interior Designer

Interior design firms often have more than one designer within their company so when looking for a penthouse interior designer, you can begin with firms that have a reputation in this type of design as well as a designer on the staff that has experience in this.

Here are some additional tips on choosing a penthouse interior designer:

  • Look into their background
  • Ask for references- then follow up on those references
  • Look at examples of previous designs
  • Ask questions and even set up a meeting to see if you “mesh” well with the designer

Take some time to really look around for an interior designer with experience in penthouses who also understands you, your needs and who you can get along with well. The experience will be better for you and you will be sure to be happy with the finished product.

Do you have any questions about penthouse interior design?