Tips for Choosing Your House Color

Choosing the color for painting your house exterior could be a headache when you do not have the right clues to do it. But don’t worry, ’cause J Design Group will give you some tips for choosing your house color. Just consider the following:

Home Painting color

- Your neighbors: Look around your neighborhood to see if there is a common palette. That’s not to say you should paint your house the exact same color as your neighbor. But if you find that most of the houses on your street are painted very neutral shades of white, gray and brown, you may not want to paint your house, say, pink.

- The style of your home: Some architectural styles have intricate details that look fantastic painted. Do some research and see what colors a house like yours traditionally has been painted.

- Consider going bold: Having said all that, you should not feel obligated to paint your house in accordance with everyone else’s in your neighborhood or use colors considered de rigueur for the style of your home. If you are itching to incorporate more unusual, eye-catching colors, go for it!