When Designing Your Luxury Home Don’t Forget the Garage

Many people who are designing their luxury home tend to forget about one of the most important areas of the house.  The garage is typically one of those areas that are looked over as it is only a place to store cars and other vehicles.  Sadly, for many, it also ends up being the place that is used as a catch all for any unwanted or items that are only used seasonally or sporadically.  This means that the garage can sometimes be so full that there isn’t even room enough for the vehicles it was made to protect.  So when you are designing your luxury home, don’t forget about the garage and to use it for what it was intended.  The following are some great ideas for making your garage’s interior design both functional and luxurious.

Luxury Car Garage

Types of Flooring

Most garages come standard with a concrete slab floor that is not very attractive, is easily stained and difficult to clean regularly.  If you want to create a more luxurious garage then the first thing you need to do is add something to the floors to make them more attractive and durable.  You can buy epoxy that you paint on that creates a coating or you can choose block tiles or other materials to completely cover the garage floor.  This allows you to easily change the color and look of the floor while still having the durability that is needed when the garage is used for storing vehicles or doing crafts or other projects.

Storage Space

If you plan on storing items in your garage it would be a great idea to have some storage space created that will put your items out of view and keep the garage clutter free.  A great wall unit design can actually create storage space while looking good and keeping your items organized.  If you do crafts or have other projects like carpentry then you can also use this space to store the supplies you use.  This keeps the garage from being filled to the point where you can’t park your vehicles in it.  It is possible to have the storage space installed on all walls of the garage if you need more storage or just one wall if you only need a small amount of space.


Every garage needs a workbench where tools can be organized and where craft and other projects can be completed.  This not only keeps the area neat and tidy, but it is a great place where the older children can get away from the electronic entertainments and can do something productive.  Behind the workbench you can put up pegboard that can have hooks hung on it to really keep the area looking clean and tidy.

Just because you don’t use your garage as much as the rest of the home doesn’t mean that you can use some residential interior design in the area.  Adding a workbench and storage area makes the garage become more than just a place to store vehicles and items from the home that are not in use.