How to Decorate with Leather Furniture

Leather FurnitureWhen choosing furniture for your living room, leather furniture is an excellent choice that will give your home an elegant look. If your first thought is of stiff material that’s chilly when you sit down or if you remember how some leather sticks to your skin making it very uncomfortable, it’s time to take a closer look.

Quality leather is soft and it feels cool in the summer but the leather will warm up with your body heat in the winter. It will never stick to your skin, which is a problem with poor quality leather. You can sit back and relax in both style and comfort. Once you decide what style you want, it’s time to determine the best finish and color to enhance the rest of your décor.

When You Decorate with Leather Furniture the Finish is Important

When shopping for leather furniture, consider the type of finish very carefully. You need something that suits your personal taste but it should also suit your lifestyle. Leather is a natural resource so color, grains and texture will vary even with the same type of finish and some finishes are more susceptible to stains.

Basic types of finishes include:

  • Authentic- All natural leather with no protective coating, best for light use
  • Semi-Authentic- The leather is slightly dyed and has a light protective coating, best for moderate use
  • Pigmented- Dyed and buffed to remove imperfections and has a heavy protective coating, best for heavy use
  • Nubuck- The leather is sanded to make it softer and to make it appear more like suede, best for light use
  • Renewed Leather- Made from recycled scrap leather making it a good choice for eco-conscious shoppers

Color is a big factor when choosing leather furniture. You can choose the natural look or choose something a little more exciting. Some of your color options include white, black, yellow, brown, green, turquoise and red. Choose a color that you like and that suits your personality best.

Basic Tips for Decorating with Leather

Decorating with leather sofas, love seats and chairs will help you create an elegant environment where you can enjoy your time at home. Our qualified decorators here at J. Design Group can help you choose the best options for your personal use.

Here are a few basic tips for decorating with leather to help you get started:

  • Choose your main pieces first before choosing the rest of your décor and it will make it easier to match
  • Keep the furniture out of direct sunlight to help prevent fading and cracking
  • Use plush area rugs to soften up the look of the room
  • Use leather pieces sparingly because too many pieces in one room can make it feel cool and uninviting
  • Clean your furniture regular with a dry or damp cloth, depending on the type of leather you choose
  • Use a good leather conditioner once or twice a year to keep it soft and in good shape

Decorating with leather is fun, exciting and beautiful. Quality leather is comfortable and relaxing, so it helps you create a luxurious and inviting environment. Give our experts a call and we’ll be happy to meet with you and discuss how you can decorate with leather furniture to enhance your overall design.