3D Graphics for Interior Design

3D DesignAre you planning to build a new home or remodel an existing one in the near future? Part of the design project is to create the layout or floor plan of the structure you’re building or remodeling. Having a sketch or blueprint of the layout provides a guideline that will ensure the structure meets the required specifications. A blueprint is an essential tool needed to construct your home but 3D graphics take it to a whole new level.

People can relate to a 3D image better than a sketch or drawing because it’s more realistic. It gives you a new perspective that offers benefits you won’t get with anything else. Here are some ways that 3D graphics can benefit you.

3D Graphics for Interior Design Brings Your Vision to Life

You can imagine how something will look when using sketches and blueprints but with 3D imagery, you can actually see what it looks like. No more guessing or hoping that the project will turn out like you imagined because you can see it before any construction begins. Computer graphics allow you to see each individual room and you can program in as much information as you want. For example, our expert designers and decorators can place images of the furniture inside the rooms to see if there is actually enough space to accommodate your needs.

Once the program is complete, you can take a virtual tour of the home you’re designing to make sure it meets your expectations in every way. The graphics are so real looking that you’ll feel like you’re actually walking through your future home. You don’t have to wait and hope that you made the right decisions during the planning stages because you can see for yourself if everything looks the way you imagined it would.

It Saves You Time and Money

By providing you with a way to see what your home will look like once completed, it offers you a unique perspective that will also save you time and money. It allows you to find problem areas before the construction begins because you can see all the details in advance. Space planning is a vital part of the services we provide here at J. Design Group and 3D graphics for interior design helps to ensure there is enough space to meet your needs.

For example, you may discover that the kitchen is too small for the type of appliances you plan to use or that you really don’t have room to move around freely once you install the kitchen island. In this case, you can add footage to the kitchen before the foundation is in place.

During the virtual tour, you may discover that the guest bathroom is too close to the master bedroom. This allows you to choose a new location before the plumbing is in the place. By making changes before any of the construction takes place, you save time by not having to redo something already started and money on both labor and materials.

Instead of imagining how the interior will look once the project is complete, you can actually see it when you use 3D graphics in the design process. It helps you to avoid costly mistakes by allowing you to make changes before beginning construction and it gives you a realistic view of what your future home will look like when the project is complete.