Backyard Swimming Pools

backyard swimming poolsAre you thinking about adding a pool to your backyard? They’re a great form of entertainment that makes spending time outside a lot more enjoyable, especially during the hot summer months. When the temperature starts to soar, you have the perfect place to stay cool.

In addition to providing relief on those hot, scorching days, having a pool will increase your property value and add a beautiful focal point to your backyard. Pools help you stay fit and they make entertaining guests a lot easier. Instead of inviting your friends over for just a BBQ, you can make it a pool party!

Types of Backyard Swimming Pools

Once you decide to add a pool to your backyard, the next step is deciding what type of pool to get and there are several options available. Take into consideration the type of landscape and the amount of space you have for the pool when deciding what type to install.

The three main types of swimming pools include:

  1. Above Ground Pools- As the name suggest, these sit on top of the ground and they have a vinyl liner with filtration system. You have the option of climbing a ladder to get into the pool or you can build a deck around it.
  2. In-Ground Pools- Most in-ground pools have a shallow end and a deep end. The walls and bottom are usually made from concrete, tile or fiberglass but you can also choose to use a vinyl liner.
  3. Saltwater pools- If you don’t like the thought of using chlorine or other harsh chemicals to keep your pool clean, then a saltwater pool is for you.

You also have the option of adding a wading pool to your backyard. These are very shallow so they offer a safe way for small children to cool off during the hot summer months. If staying fit is at the top of your agenda, you may want to consider an exercise pool. These can be above or in-ground pools but they’re not very deep and they normally include a current for resistance.

Once you choose the type of pool you want, you’ll have to decide what size, shape and depth you want it to be. Most all of the above ground pools are round but you can get creative when installing in-ground pools. It would be to your advantage to consult with a professional designer before getting started on your project to ensure the pool design suits your landscape.

Get Creative with Your Outdoor Space

Instead of just having a pool, you can have a gorgeous retreat where you can swim, relax and have a great time. Start by adding a swim-up bar to your pool and sun ledges where you can dry off. Include covered areas near the pool where you can be in the shade to avoid sunburn. Then, consider adding a waterfall, rock formations, torches and LED lighting to dress up the space.

Creating pool areas that integrate natural elements into the design is growing in popularity but it does require the help of a professional designer. Our experts here at J. Design Group can help you choose the right pool for your backyard and create the perfect landscape design to enhance your swimming area. From outdoor kitchens to patios with fire pits, we can help make your dreams come true.