Four Unusual but Luxurious Design Ideas

Most articles about luxury residential interior design focuses on the trends of the day and what’s hot in the industry.  But there are some really great design ideas that are off the beaten track and can be real conversation starters.  Not everyone wants their home to look like it just came out of the latest issue of Interior Design Magazine.  If you want something unique and unusual for your home, there are some really great ideas.  The following are just four unusual but luxurious design ideas for your home.

Aquarium Bed

Have you ever imagined what it would feel like to sleep in the ocean with fish swimming all around you?  While you can book an adventure vacation that will give you this opportunity, you can also sleep in this type of setting every night of the year.  Just install an aquarium bed in your room and you can enjoy the splendor of fish and aquatic life all around you.  The size of the aquarium is totally up to you and you will have to have it specially made for your space.  But when you think of the uniqueness of this feature, it goes without saying that this is one special headboard!


Slide Staircase

How many kids love sliding down the banister?  It is just too much fun and many adults take a step back to childhood by taking a spin once in awhile too.  Rather than risk breaking your leg or worse, why not install a slide on one side of your staircase to make going down the stairs more fun.  You may be amazed when the CEO of your company decides to take a spin at your next cocktail party!  It is a fun and functional aspect of home interior design that brings you back to your childhood.

Indoor Outdoor Pool

Sometimes going outside to use the pool is just a hassle.  It’s either cold or the weather is inclement and you’d rather stay inside but still go swimming.  An indoor outdoor pool can be the best thing in this situation.  Your Florida interior decorator can put you in touch with a great contractor who can make this happen for you.  Choose the room you want to include and the contractor can add an addition from that room and into the existing pool.  How great is it to swim in your pool while enjoying music from your family room sound system?

Fire Pit Coffee Table

Not all Miami homes have fireplaces; after all, it’s not exactly the coldest city in the world!  However, there are times when you’d like to have a small fire to relax and enjoy the flames.  A fire pit coffee table is the perfect fit for this situation.  You can also purchase one for you outdoor patio to have a fire pit that is portable and easy to maintain.

When it comes to home interior design, there are many trends that come and go.  If you want something really unusual, try one or all of the great ideas listed above!