Innovated Design Tips for Hotel Lobbies

hotel lobby designHotels are always looking for new ways to meet the demands and expectations of their guests and a modern hotel lobby design can go a long ways in making a good impression. Lobbies are more than just a place for guests to sit and wait to check-in or out. It’s a place for people to socialize, plan meetings and to use or charge laptops, iPads and similar devices.

The lobby is the first place visitors see when they enter your establishment. The second they step inside, they’ll form an opinion about what to expect from the rest of the hotel before they even speak to anyone. The right interior design will say, welcome to our hotel and we hope your stay is a pleasant one and that will intrigue your guests and make them excited about staying at your establishment.

Creating a design with modern décor that caters to the needs of today’s travelers, is necessary for hotels to stay competitive and the following innovated designs tips work well for hotel lobbies.

Create Social Zones

The days of one big open space for lobbies are fading and giving way to new modern designs that offer social zones where guests can feel more comfortable. These social zones divide the lobby into different sections that cater to the businessmen, individuals or couples and families. All sections will include comfortable seating, decorative tables and easy accessible plug-ins for mobile devices.

However, you can go one-step further and add printers, copiers, a fax machine and similar electronics to the business section of the lobby to make it more convenient for those traveling on business. Another idea is to add small tables and chairs along with a few games and activities for the kids in the family section. Creating sections throughout the lobby will give your guests more privacy and help them to feel more comfortable.


Liven up your hotel lobby with accessorizes. You have many options to choose from depending on the look you want to achieve. Some of the most popular options include using beautiful chandeliers and decorative wall paintings to brighten up the room. Adding a large fish aquarium is an attractive accessorize that visitors of all ages can enjoy and so is inspirational or stimulating art pieces. Get creative and decorate to impress.

Give Your Guests More Options

Talk to your commercial interior designer about adding a coffee shop or a gift shop where guests can pick up souvenirs or toiletries they may have forgotten. This is a great option for any hotel because it’s convenient for your guests, making their stay even more pleasant. It also helps to create more revenue for your business.

Travelers expect more from hotels today. When they enter your lobby, they’re hoping to find a place where they can relax for a bit in complete comfort and style. Give them the refuge they’re searching for and your hotel will be at the top of the list each time they travel.

These innovated design tips for hotel lobbies combine style, functionality and comfort together to make your guests feel welcome and even a little excited. This is your first and in some cases, your only chance to make a good lasting impression on your guests. Choose an interior design that’ll keep travelers coming back every chance they get.