When Remodeling Your Home Make Storage Space a Priority

storage spaceAre you thinking about remodeling your home? Do you often find yourself sitting around daydreaming about the changes you want to make, along with how they’ll make your home more comfortable? Remodeling allows you to make major changes to your home that will make it more functional and better suited for your family but it is a big job.

There are so many things to take care of that it’s easy to overlook important details such as adding plenty of storage space to your interior design plans. Most homes simply don’t have enough storage space and that makes it hard to stay organized, which is why it’s so important to make storage a priority when making the plans for your remodeling project.

Storage Ideas to Consider When Remodeling Your Home

Most every home has closets, kitchen cabinets and a few shelves but if you’re like most people, you end up sticking things in dresser drawers and even packed in boxes stored in the garage just keep some of the clutter out of sight.

It’s impossible to keep your home organized if you don’t have enough storage space or the right type of storage but the following ideas can help with this problem:

  • Use recessed cabinets and shelving where appropriate- These give you extra storage by utilize the space inside your walls and there are many different types to choose from such as medicine cabinets, wine racks, china cabinets and even some entertainment centers.
  • Add a closet for storage only- When you design a closet just for storage you can line the walls with shelves that will hold a variety of storage bins, while making everything easy to access.
  • Use pantry racks in your food pantry- These racks are designed to hold a large number of can goods allowing you to store more food in a neat and organized fashion.
  • Consider open shelves between walls- Open shelves work well between the kitchen and dining room and they provide adequate storage space for those special items you want to display.
  • Install pullout shelves for the kitchen cabinets- Using pullout shelves in your cabinets allows you to access the entire shelve so you can store more items on them.
  • Turn your closet into a wardrobe- This design eliminates all wasted space in your closets by using a combination of shelves and rods to neatly store away all of your clothing.

Our team of highly skilled professionals here at J. Design Group has the experience needed to determine the best storage solutions for your remodeling project. Contact us for more information on how we can help you.

Evaluate Your Storage Needs

If you’ve ever spent hours looking for something you knew you had but couldn’t find because everything was so unorganized or packed away somewhere, then you know how important having the right kind of storage is. Since everyone’s needs are different, it’s a good idea to spend some time evaluating your storage needs before creating your interior design.

When you make storage a priority, you can easily add different types of storage space where you need it most. This way, you don’t have to buy storage bins, cabinets or extra dressers just to store your items. You can create a wall of recessed shelves to display your collectibles or add built-in laundry hampers to eliminate clothesbaskets. You will have whatever type of storage you need and that will make your newly remodeled home even more enjoyable.