Tips for Decorating Your First Home Together

Loving CoupleWhen you make that big commitment and move into a new home together with your partner, decorating can be a challenge. The home needs to be comfortable for both of you but since you most likely have different tastes when it comes to decoration, it can be a problem. One of the biggest mistakes that couples make when sharing a home for the first time is not voicing their opinion right at the very beginning.

Everyone has likes and dislikes and when you allow your partner to decorate your home with a style that you truly hate, you’ll never feel comfortable or at home. By talking about the things you do like and the things you don’t right from the very beginning, you can compromise on an interior design style that both of you can enjoy. Below are a few more tips for decorating your first home together.

Be Honest and Upfront with Each Other

It’s very important for you to be honest and upfront with each other right from the start. If you hate flowers and bright colors, say so. If you despise the rustic style, don’t pretend it’s okay. You have to speak up and let your partner know what you really feel so you can find a style that both of you like.

Dare to be different and create unique combinations that represent each of you and the things you like personally. Be willing to decorate with some of the things that both of you have collected over the years together and separately that have special meaning. These things make your house a home because they reflect your individual style and personality.

Consider Functionality

When decorating, consider functionality. Determine how each room in your home will be used and discuss what items would be the most efficient to accomplish your goals. For example, do you enjoy inviting friends over and watching movies? If so, you may want to invest in a home theater system. Do you like to throw parties? Then a wet bar will be a nice addition to your kitchen or dining room.

Combining style preferences together to create one beautiful interior can be difficult but our interior decorators can help you create the perfect combination. Contact us today to learn more about the services we offer and let us help you create a style that suits both of you perfectly.

Create Your Own Personal Sanctuary

While combining style preferences is necessary in the family room, den and kitchen, it doesn’t mean that you can’t dedicate a room just for yourself. For men, that spare bedroom could become the ultimate man cave with all of your trophies displayed or where all of your favorite gaming devices are set up and ready to go. For women, the den or bedroom can be the place where you decorate with beautiful floral colors or where you set up your sewing or reading room.

The point is that you can each pick a room and decorate it the way you want and that will be your personal sanctuary while you compromise and work together on the rest of the home. Knowing that you have your own personal space will also make it easier to compromise when it comes to the rest of the house. Work together and have fun decorating.