Restaurant Kitchen Interior Design

New Industrial KitchenYour restaurant kitchen interior design plays a major role in how well your staff can perform their duties. A good design can enhance functionality and efficiency, while a bad design can hinder your success. For this reason, hiring a restaurant interior designer to help plan and implement your design will help ensure you have the perfect kitchen layout for your specific needs.

Most restaurant kitchens are divided into five different sections. These include a storage space, a dishwashing area, prepping tables, the cooking stations and a serving area. There are also three main layouts used in restaurants that include the Island style, Assembly Line style and the Zone style. The type of layout that best fits your needs will depend on what type of foods your restaurant prepares. It’s vital that you choose the right layout, so everything will flow smoothly from the prep station to the pick-up window.

The Ergonomic Design

The ergonomic design is one of the most popular used today because it’s so efficient. The idea behind this design is to put everything the staff needs to perform their duties in one place. As a result, everything is conveniently located so the employee can stand in one spot and perform all of his or her duties efficiently.

This reduces the amount of walking, turning, reaching and bending required to do the job, which enhances efficiency because your staff will spend less time walking around and more time preparing the meals. It saves time and creates a better work environment.

Calculating How Much Kitchen Space You Need

Cook cut vegetables in the kitchenYou don’t want your staff running into each other when moving from one area to another in the kitchen or having to wait on someone to move before they can take care of their duties. For this reason, your design needs to allow enough space for your employees to move around freely. You’ll also need enough room to move the equipment around to clean underneath and along the sides of everything to keep your kitchen clean enough to meet health standards.

However, you don’t want more room than necessary or you’re wasting space and resources. A good interior designer will calculate how much space you need based on the equipment you have, along with the number of employees you plan to employ. They’ll ensure everyone has enough space to move around and work efficiently.

Proper Lighting Is Vital In Restaurant Designs

An interior designer will also help to ensure you have proper lighting. Restaurants have a responsibility to ensure the foods are prepared and cooked according to safety requirements. Proper lighting is necessary in order to inspect the foods and to read the instruments to maintain the proper temperatures to ensure all foods are safe to serve. Installing proper lighting also helps to cut down on mistakes and accidents.

An interior designer in Miami can help you create the perfect kitchen design that is modern, that meets your specific needs and that enables you to maintain an efficient and smooth running kitchen. He will also ensure that your kitchen design meets all health codes and regulations to ensure the safety of your customers.