Stainless Steel Dominates Commercial Kitchens

Restaurant KitchenHave you ever wondered why you see so much stainless steel in commercial kitchens? It definitely makes the kitchen look modern and sleek, which helps the business to build a good reputation but it has to be more to it than that, right? Creating a visually appealing appearance is one reason interior decorators choose stainless steel appliances and accessories for commercial kitchens but it has many other benefits, too.

Another reason stainless steel is a great choice is because it’s recyclable, making it eco-friendly. As the need to help preserve the earth’s precious resources has become apparent, this is something every business owner needs to consider.

It’s also extremely durable, so it can hold up to the demands of a busy commercial kitchen and continue to look great for many years when cared for properly. However, that’s still not the main reason your interior decorator might suggest you go with stainless steel in your new kitchen design. it has more to do with complying with health and safety guidelines.

It Helps to Reduce Cross Contamination

In addition to major appliances, many businesses use stainless steel inserts to help the food maintain proper temperature longer. You’ll also find pans, sinks, cabinets, tables, shelves, carts and cookware made from this metal in commercial kitchens. The reason for this is because stainless steel can help reduce cross contamination, which means it helps businesses comply with the health standards set forth by the state, local and federal government designed to keep customers safe.

Stainless steel contains chromium, which is an alloy that keeps it from corroding, rusting or tarnishing like other materials do and that helps to prevent food contamination that can occur in this type of environment. Cross contamination can cause serious health issues, especially for people with food allergies so using cookware and other kitchen accessories that are easy to clean is just good business.

Cleaning Tips to Keep Your Stainless Steel Items Looking Like New

Maintaining a clean kitchen that is safe to prep and cook foods in is vital to the success of your business and using stainless steel can help you accomplish that goal because it’s so easy to clean. Simply wipe down large appliances with a non-abrasive antibacterial cleaner and use a mild detergent on tables, shelves, cookware and so forth.

When scrubbing stainless steel with a finish, scrub with the grain not across it to avoid damaging the finish and do not use a circular pattern. Clean up spills or splatters as soon as possible and make sure you rinse thoroughly or wipe down large appliances with a clean, damp cloth to remove any residual left from the cleaners.

You also need to dry stainless steel thoroughly to prevent water spots from forming and this will help to protect the finish. As long as you use proper cleaning techniques, the stain resistant coating will continue to look great and work efficiently for many years.

If you’re building a new facility or remodeling an old one, talk to your interior designer about your different options for choosing stainless steel appliances and accessories for your kitchen. There are many different styles available and she can help you find what suits your particular needs the best.