Commercial Interior Design: Are You Meeting the Needs of Your Senior Customers?

commercial interior designCommercial interior designs are complicated and there are many details to take care of but creating a design that caters to the needs of the elderly population is becoming more important than ever. This group of individuals is steadily growing and they’re more active than ever before, which means they can have a huge impact on the success of your company.

Throughout the course of their lifetime, these consumers have spent countless dollars on entertainment, dining out, buying groceries and all types of merchandise and they will continue to do so for as long as businesses cater to their needs.

The desire to eat out, see a movie or to go shopping does not stop just because you get older. What changes is that you simply can’t get around as well as you used to but businesses have the power to make a difference. You can make sure your interior design caters to the needs of the elderly population.

How to Create a Good Commercial Interior Design with Senior Citizens in Mind

Most all businesses have handicapped parking that allows those with disabilities to park close to the entrance. However, there are many other things you can do to improve the overall experience for seniors visiting your establishment.

Below are a few ways to create a commercial interior design that meets the needs of elderly consumers:

  • Leave enough space between aisles to get through easily with a walker or wheelchair
  • Make sure your lighting is bright enough to see clearly
  • Install automatic doors or power-assisted openers on the doors to make it easier for customers with disabilities to enter
  • Use informational signage with large, easy to read type
  • Place wheelchair ramps next to all steps located outside and inside the establishment for easy access

Does your current design meet the needs of your elderly customers? If not, we can help you make your establishment more accessible for seniors. Just give us a call and we’ll set up a consultation to discuss your interior design project. We offer a wide variety of services and our professional designers have the experience to assist with everything from remodels to creating new designs.

Why Making Your Establishment Accessible for Seniors Is So Important

The elderly population still wants to get out and enjoy all the things they did when they were younger. The problem is, getting around is harder. Many have disabilities that limit their mobility, which can make it necessary for these individuals to use a wheel chair, walker or cane. Others have trouble hearing and seeing, all of which make it difficult to continue doing the things they enjoy.

By considering the needs of the older generation and taking steps to make your facility more accessible for these consumers, you’re making it possible for them to continue being an active part of society. When they feel comfort in your place of business, they’ll return and that benefits everyone. It improves the quality of life for seniors and it gives your business a boost because you’re targeting a larger audience.

Taking steps to make your place of business more accessible for seniors will greatly benefit you in many ways. It shows that you care about all of your customers and that will go a long ways in helping your company build a strong, positive reputation.