Creative Alternatives to Fire Pits

Luxury backyard fire pit at sunsetThere’s nothing more relaxing than being able to sit outside by the fire on a cool winter night or a relaxing summer evening with family and friends. Traditional fire pits can be rather messy and high maintenance, but fortunately with all the technology these days it’s easier than ever to have the luxury of a flaming structure without all the hassle. Not only will it make the backyard look better than it ever has, but you won’t ever have to worry about all the extra work that comes with a night by the fire.

There are a few good options out there on the market that could easily sit in place for a tradition fire pit, and each one has its own utility depending on what kind of home you own.

Creative Fire Pit Alternatives for Your Home

Electric fire pits are probably the most popular form of a reusable fire pit as they come in many different styles. There are the basic and realistic kind that have a propane tank in the base with ceramic logs set up to control the flame, and they can last for years. Then, there are the more fancy versions that are typically tables made of glass, flat stone, or ceramic tables that have the propane in the middle. Some of these have been featured with colored glass stones in the middle that have the flames emerging out of them, which are absolutely gorgeous. Depending on what your budget and home decor is like will likely determine which style to go with.

Chiminea fire pits are culturally symbolic of the Southwest region of the United States, but their versatility and portable structure have proven ideal to homes throughout the country. These kinds of fire pits are normally made of ceramic and are designed with a ton of different styles, ranging from bright and colorful to simple but beautiful. Chimeneas are extremely convenient for any outdoor occasion, as the best way to use them is with pre-soaked gasoline fire logs that can be bought in any retail or grocery store. The logs can last up to four or five hours and then disintegrate into ash, so there really isn’t anything to throw out at the end of its use.

Portable campfire logs are great for camping or for putting some warmth and light outside with you during a party, night barbecue, or relaxing evening in the yard. Due to the way these are built it is important to use these logs in an area where it isn’t prone to falling over, because the flame would be far less contained than it would be in a chiminea or electric fire pit.

No matter what kind of fire pit you decide to add to your home, always be sure to have the proper safety equipment when they are ignited. A fire extinguisher or a bucket of water should always be at hand for easy access if needed.