Don’t Forget the Pool Area When Creating Your Home’s Interior Design

When most homeowners are creating their luxury showplace they put all of their time and effort into the interior of the house.  Then when their guests step outside there’s aluminum lawn chairs and tables without any design elements at all.  At the end of the day, it’s an outside space so it doesn’t need home interior design, right?  Interior design means the inside of the home, not the outside.  This is not the case at all.

There should be just as much time and energy expended in the pool area as there is on the interior of the home.  In fact, this space should flow in an organic manner from the interior to the exterior in order for it to be aesthetically pleasing.  The following are some ways to create luxury in your pool area.

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The flooring is one of the most important aspects of the pool area and a good interior design firm will start from the bottom up to create the pool area you deserve.  Most of these outdoor spaces are concrete which can get hot in the summer and burn your guests or your family’s feet.  This does not mean that you have to go with the outdated fake grass; there are many new styles of outdoor carpeting that can stand up to the rain and bright sun without being boring.


Throw out the aluminum with mesh and wicker furniture and get some really nice furniture for the patio.  As with the flooring, there are so many new weather resistant materials that there are no limits to what type of furniture and design you can bring to your pool area.  A nice couch, loveseat and some chairs can make for a great seating area while barbequing or after a great swim.  Throw in some great lounge chairs for sunning or reading and relaxing when the weather permits.  Choose colors that match the carpeting just as would inside your home.

Outdoor Design


A high end interior designer in Miami will help you choose accessories for your pool area just like they would for the interior of your home.  Some nice statues or unique pieces of art can be just what the space needs to make it feel more luxurious.  You can also pick out some unique planters and add some greenery around the area that ties in the exterior with the interior of the home.  Just make sure that the pieces you choose are in keeping with the color palette and theme of the furniture and flooring.

Modern Pool Designs

When decorating your home it is important to remember that the exterior needs as much work as the interior.  You want to create a strong flow from both areas so the luxury extends throughout without making the exterior look cheap.  Get a good interior designer to pick out some nice flooring and great furniture to make the space look good.  Throw in some accessories to really tie it all together and make the entire space look awesome!