When it comes to interior designing, space planning is the key to a successful project. It’s all about utilizing the amount of space you have to its fullest potential, no matter how small or large the area is. Without proper space planning, rooms can end up overcrowded and uncomfortable. You may not have room to […]

Choosing the flooring is one of the biggest decisions you’ll ever make when it comes to bathroom remodeling. There are so many different options to choose from that it can be difficult deciding which one to use. You want something that matches your overall décor and theme but you can’t choose bathroom flooring based solely […]

The commercial interior design you choose is very important for any business. The design you choose is a direct reflection on your company and it can have a major impact on the success of your business. You want to create a comfortable environment for your customers but you also want a design that appeals to […]

The goal of any business is to make a good impression on its customers. You want them to remember you the next time they have a need for the products or services you offer. While providing quality products and excellent service will certainly keep customers coming back, a little creativity can help to get you […]

If you’re searching for a modern and fun way to transform your kitchen or dining room into a fully functional entertainment area, installing a built-in bar is a great option. You’ll have everything you need stored together in one place and ready when you are. You can serve your guests their favorite drinks in style […]

How many times have you gotten up in the middle of the night and stumped your toes in the dark because you didn’t want to turn on the light and disturb those sleeping? Perhaps you have a small light that seems dim during the day but at night, it’s way too bright or maybe it’s […]

Adding a pool to your property is a great investment for any homeowner. It’ll provide many long hours of fun and entertainment for your family and guests but before you can get your project underway, you have to decide if you want an indoor or an outdoor pool. It’s a big decision because both options […]

You may know that a good office interior design can increase the productivity of the staff but you may not know that it also affect sales. From corporate offices to car dealerships, the impression you make on your business partners and clients play a major role in how many people choose to do business with […]

Interior design trends are always changing but there are a few that become popular enough to stick around for awhile. These are the designs that you’ll still remember years from now. You may even find yourself saying, “Remember when that design was so popular?” when discussing new interior designs with friends. Some of the most […]


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