Ergonomic Interior Design

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A good interior designer understands the connection between designing and ergonomics. They will apply ergonomic principles to all designs whether working with commercial or residential property. Ergonomics is a type of science that focuses on ways to close the gap that exist between humans and the world in which we live. When applied to interior […]

High-end home interior design projects begin with a plan that revolves around creating the layout, choosing the flooring and picking out the furnishings but many people tend to make quick decisions when it comes to the lighting. This is unfortunate since it has such an impact on the overall design. Knowing what your options are […]

Luxury kitchens are not just for show, they serve the same purpose as ordinary kitchens but they make cooking much more enjoyable. Who doesn’t love using high-end appliances and eating meals together around a beautiful dining room table? Luxury items like granite countertops and mosaic backsplashes are both durable and attractive. Custom cabinets along with […]

If you were a client walking into your office for the first time, would you be impressed with the interior design? If not, it’s time for a remodel. Your interior design says a lot more about your company than you might realize. It’s an excellent opportunity for you to make a big impression on your […]

The first thing that customers see when they walk into your restaurant is your interior design. As they sit in their seats waiting for a server, they’re looking around at everything in the lobby. In the back of their mind, they’re forming an opinion about your restaurant. You want this opinion to be a good […]

After making the decision to begin an interior design project, you have to decide if you want to handle everything yourself or hire a design firm to help. Most people automatically turn to a professional when dealing with commercial property. However, when the project involves residential property, many homeowners decide to tackle it on their […]

Have you ever walked into a place of business that was fairly new and wondered why everything looks so old and worn? It happens a lot simply because the owner or designers did not put enough time and research into choosing which materials to use in the design. Choosing the materials for your interior design […]

Acoustical issues are one of the biggest complaints people have with poorly designed buildings. Most people naturally put functionality and visual aspects first when designing their interior space but few think about the way sound travels. This is unfortunate because it can render the space virtually useless if the acoustics are bad. Acoustics is not […]

If you have a new addition to the family on the way, you understand the importance of having a safe space ready for them. A great baby bedroom is about so much more than just looking good. This is why many people decide to bring in the help of professionals for their baby space and […]


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