Once children reach the age of two or three, they want to start doing things for themselves. They want to pick out their own clothes, dress themselves and choose the toys they want to play with when they’re in the mood. With a little encouragement and patience, you can help your child learn how to […]

Have you ever walked into a place of business and wondered who designed this as you pointed out all the things you notice wrong? You’re not alone. Many times businesses make mistakes when designing their interior space and it’s not often evident until the project is complete. What looks good in the planning stages can […]

Fish aquariums are very popular and found in homes all across the globe because they make wonderful pets. If you don’t have much free time to spend with a pet, fish are great because they’re very low maintenance. All you have to do is keep the tank clean, the water regulated and feed them daily. […]

Have you always wanted a white living room but were afraid that it would look too washed out or just be uncomfortable? It’s true that decorating with whites can be challenging but when done correctly, it’s a sophisticated look that shows confidence and style. You can have a comfortable living space and create that wow […]


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