It seems that people are spending more and more time outside than they did just a few years ago. The millennial generation is looking for ways to enjoy their free time at home, instead of traveling around to other places. This could be due to the weak economy and high cost of living or simply […]

Do you shy away from the idea of hiring an interior decorator because of something you’ve heard someone else say? There are a few myths surrounding this industry that keeps a lot of people from taking advantage of the services decorators provide. It’s really a shame that so many people are missing out on all […]

When your personal situation changes and the home you’re currently living in does not have enough space to accommodate your needs, you have a few options. You can build a new home, buy a larger one or add additional rooms to your existing home. In many cases, adding a room is the best option because […]

Millions of people have some type of visual impairment that makes doing simple tasks in the home more difficult than it should be. However, a good interior design can help compensate for having poor vision and make these tasks a little easier. One of the leading causes of vision impairment is age but some people […]

Good organization is the key to running a restaurant kitchen successfully. Things can get very hectic in the kitchen area especially during peak hours. You can’t keep your guests waiting too long for their food or they will not return. However, you can’t prepare meals in a timely fashion if your kitchen is unorganized. Having […]

It’s easy to look around your home and think of ways that remodeling will make it better. Some things you can do yourself but complicated jobs like adding an additional room or updating your flooring requires the expertise of a general contractor. Even though there are many companies available, finding the right one for your […]

Are you planning to build a new home or remodel an existing one in the near future? Part of the design project is to create the layout or floor plan of the structure you’re building or remodeling. Having a sketch or blueprint of the layout provides a guideline that will ensure the structure meets the […]

Designing and decorating a restaurant takes careful planning and a good eye for detail. There are many different factors to consider, which is why sometimes you overlook the less obvious things. Most people concentrate on creating a layout or floorplan that is fully functional and choosing the perfect lighting to enhance the overall experience. These […]

When you’re in the hospitality business, you understand the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of your guests. The problem is that the wants and needs of luxury travelers change with each generation. Many young adults who traveled a lot with their parents have seen just about everything hotels have to offer. They’ve experienced […]


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