Australian artist Jordana Maisie, who lives in Brooklyn and creates architectural, light and sculptural installations, has decorated a boutique in Manhattan for the shoe brand Feit, whose interior is ‘folded’ from thin sheets of plywood. The laconic boots and shoes, made of calf and buffalo leather, Josh and Tull Prices have been manually sewing for […]

Designer Carlo Rampazzi decorated an interior in white and blue colors, with dominance of marine motifs for his client from Miami. It’s a real mermaid’s home. Once designer Carlo Rampazzi had a call from the client, who was thinking of buying an apartment in Miami. But she would do so only if Rampazzi took up […]

British supermodel Kate Moss took up interior design. She was invited to debut in the new role by Yoo, the studio of Philippe Starck and John Hitchcox, who are known with the collaborations with Marcel Wanders, Kelly Hoppen and Jade Jagger. Androgynous star of the ‘90s, muse of designers and fashion photographers, brawler and one […]

In the late 1930s, Miami was covered in the second wave of art deco enthusiasm. The United States had still not fully recovered from the Great Depression and the excesses that were allowed in the twenties, were out of question: art deco was no longer screaming about luxury, it was talking about it in a […]

Sixteen years ago two men settled down in the apartment in a house built in 1907 in Vienna.  In fact, the apartment belongs to one of the men since he is the grandson of the man who owned the house in the 1930s. When picking the place to settle down, this apartment was an intriguing […]

Upon walking into your bathroom, what is the feeling you get? Do you feel gloomy? Do you wonder what you can do to spice it up? A luxurious bathroom embodies more than just expensive items strategically placed throughout it and there are a few elements you can alter to truly create a luxurious space. The […]

Designers Pierre Emmanuel Martin and Stefan Garoten, the representatives of the company Maison Hand stumbled across the house, listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site while walking around their native Lyon. The building turned out to be for sale, and the colleagues decided to buy a studio there in order to lease it to tourists. […]

The Invisible House

by Support Team .

A young Irishman Dominic Stevens is а very unusual architect. In 1999, having left a good job in Dublin, he went to the Irish remote places, to the village Cloone, and opened his office. The house, built by Dominic Stevens in Ireland, is faced with mirrored panels: in the daytime it is not seen among […]

All homeowners love the thought of a grandeur kitchen full of the best equipment and beautiful decorations. If you are looking to remodel your kitchen, but you are unsure of where to start, the following five tips below will help you create a luxury kitchen in no time. 1. New Countertops Time to ditch the […]


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