Interior Design Firms

Interior Design Firms

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Thursday, February 4, 2016

Interior Design of Tulloch Residence

J. Design group is one of the most distinguished interior design firms in South Florida. We have built an unparalleled reputation in the marketplace for providing the most innovative design solutions to commercial, industrial and residential customers. Our clientele includes hotels, restaurants, corporate offices, financial institutes and luxury homes. Behind our success is a team of highly experienced professionals who combine the ingenuity of an engineer and imagination of an artist to create unique interior design solutions.

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Our company is located in Coral Gables, Florida and you can reach us at (305) 444-4611 by phone, and by email at or visit us at 225 Malaga Avenue in Coral Gables, Miami Florida.

One of our primary responsibilities as interior design firms is to focus on all the key elements of space and create a functional environment in each of these elements that optimizes space. Whether it’s a bedroom, bathroom or living area in your home, every element is given due consideration. The bar, restrooms, kitchen and dining areas in a restaurant are treated with particular focus on the occupants and clientele. Office set up in a corporate building deserves special treatment where employees can be more productive without feeling any stress of the workplace. J. Design is one of the extraordinary interior design firms with the skills and experience to give a unique touch to every single element in space and create a perfect harmony within these elements.

Unlike other interior design firms, we strongly believe that interior design is a collaborative process between the designer and the client. We work closely with our clients to determine their ideas and tastes and then transform them into built reality. To achieve this, we encourage client’s participation in every phase of the design process. Through this co-operation, we can maintain a perfect balance between client’s ideas and our team’s vision when we plan and implement all aesthetic and functional decisions.

Among interior design firms, J. Design group stands above the rest because we provide the best client support and services. Our wide range of services includes selection of materials, color schemes, wall and window treatments, furniture, accessories and more. We will also oversee the ordering, purchasing, supervision and coordination of all objects required for your space.

Our company is located in Coral Gables, Florida and you can reach us at (305) 444-4611 by phone, and by email at or visit us at 225 Malaga Avenue in Coral Gables, Miami Florida.

Whether it is a luxury home, a trendy restaurant, a five-star hotel or a prestigious corporate office, our interior design professionals have the expertise to get the job done in time and within budget that will exceed your expectations. Come to our website to actually view the past accomplishments of one of the best interior design firms.


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