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2016 Living Room Design Ideas and Trends

by Support Team .

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Living room design ideas are fun to look at and they allow you to create a space that you are in love with. Whether you take one or two elements from a design or you incorporate the whole design into your home, you are able to enjoy the space that you have.

In a recent article, we discussed the top 2016 design trends in detail and one of those trends was a non-gadget living room. This is still a go, but it is not for everyone and this article will give you an idea of other living room trends and designs that will be taking off and taking over in 2016.

A Living Wall

If you have never heard of a living wall, it is a great idea. Basically, the wall incorporates live plants into. You will water and take care of the plants as you would outdoors, but you are able to enjoy them inside of your home.

A living wall will look great in any living room and it will go perfectly with those who want to incorporate organic choices in their home as well.

Organic Choices

Many living rooms in 2016 will be decorated with organic choices including large wooden items, recycled items, and similar. The new trend is to ditch the plastic and go for all natural, which seems to have gained a lot of traction.

Beach Style

Yep, you read that right. Beach style living rooms are making a comeback and you do not have to hide the beach décor in your sunroom. Many people are opting in from full Tommy Bahama sets to wicker or bamboo chairs and couches. You can even add a fun sandy centerpiece with a glass top as a focal point.

Pink and Blue

The predicted living room color scheme for 2016 is pink and blue. While the two colors go great together, you can create a space that is soft, warm, and inviting. Whether you choose to use the pinks and blues as accent colors or you go all out for an entire pink and blue look, your living room will be in style.

Decorating and redesigning your living room can be fun and when you incorporate many of the new 2016 living room design ideas into them, you will feel right at home and happy with your choice.

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