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7 tips for luxury dining room furnishing

by Support Team .

Thursday, March 16, 2017

Luxury Dining Room 18th Century Style

While it is easy to know what items to put in a dining room when guests arrive for dinner, it is not as simple to furnish it or knowing how to decorate a dining table the comfortable way.

Here we will present to you seven tips for furnishing your dining room, so you feel the need of inviting people for an elegant dinner party every week.

1. Candles: Dining Room elegance at its finest

An old classic would be candles and candelabras. These accessories come in all sorts of colors, sizes, and styles. Putting a candelabra over a linen fabric is common practice, but some modern designs allow them to be placed directly on the table surface. Look into modern candelabra designs, such as Dwell’s Abbracciaio and Agnes models, and you might just find what you’re looking for.

2. Different chair patterns can liven up your dining room 

One would think that consistency in chair design is a must, especially for a dining room. But we can make room for two or more patterns, as long as they are paired together. Mixed patterns can create a whole new sensation for your dining room, breaking uniformity but maintaining coherence. When looking for two matching sets of chairs keep colors and textures in mind.

3. Exotic wallpapers can style up the place

Did you think wallpapers were out of date? Think again! There are plenty of modern and tasteful designs available, such as Burke’s Palladian Gold. Finding the wallpapers matching your personality and the room’s color scheme will be the perfect match for complementing your dining area. What’s more, you can then choose not to hang paintings, making more room for being comfortable while walking around the table.

4.  Luxury Dining Rooms welcome greyscale colors 

Using a greyscale color palette is ideal for a luxury dining room because it turns the center of attention towards the food and guests. Greyscale Pantone will bring forward each person’s personality, which is an ideal setting for dinner parties and holidays. If you believe your dining room needs a refurbishment, look no further, a greyscale pattern may be just what you need.

5.  Designer Choices: European or American?

European design, especially French schemes, are more traditional and have small and tasteful details, while American design is less intricate but is often bold and comfortable to the mind and body. There are significant variations between the two, and whichever style you apply to your living room will translate to how your guests will feel when they come over. If you keep this in mind while cooking, you can be sure that your gathering will be nothing short of spectacular.

6. White walls, white or crystal table

White is a calming color. It is perfect for things that are not supposed to move, or that are very light in how they feel to the touch. Having a white or transparent table and walls while using dark-colored or white chairs will create a sensation of dynamic balance and purpose. This can be improved by putting a white vase with flowers at the center of the table. You’ll perceive the results right away.

7. Think long and wide before deciding on a dining room set up

Even if you do not intend on bringing 20 people over for dinner, wide, and ample spaces are always comfortable for dining. People often feel they are being watched as they eat, so providing more space creates room for comfort and distractions. Think ahead by covering the chair’s leg tips with felt and you will see your first-time guests at peace when they come for dinner and have to stand up from their seat.

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