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Acoustical Design Issues Affect All Types of Commercial Property

by Support Team .

Monday, September 15, 2014

Acoustical Design Acoustical issues are one of the biggest complaints people have with poorly designed buildings. Most people naturally put functionality and visual aspects first when designing their interior space but few think about the way sound travels. This is unfortunate because it can render the space virtually useless if the acoustics are bad.

Acoustics is not just something you need to think about with concert halls and auditoriums. Poor acoustics can affect any type of commercial building. Have you ever visited a medical building and while waiting to see the physician you could hear everything they were talking about with the other patients? This particular acoustical design issue deals with lack of privacy and it can be very embarrassing for your patients.

When creating your interior design, you need to consider everything going on inside and outside the structure. If your building is located near a busy street, you don’t want the sound of the vehicles disrupting negotiations nor do you want to hear toilets flushing while you’re discussing business deals with clients. Interior designers know how to create a design that eliminates these issues.

Good Acoustical Design Techniques for Commercial Property

Finding ways to control the way sound travels throughout an existing or new structure is challenging but our professional interior designers have the knowledge and experience to accomplish this goal. They will use techniques proven to absorb, block and mask sounds to eliminate acoustic issues within your facility.

Below are a few interior design techniques that our experts here at J. Design Group use to control noises within various structures:

  • Drapes,  carpet and rugs help absorb sound waves
  • Angled surfaces deflect sound and reduce echoes
  • Ceiling tiles and drop-down ceilings help block sound waves
  • Music playing softly in the background will cover-up unwanted sounds
  • Furniture, shrubbery and similar decor will help block sounds
  • Textured walls block sound waves by creating friction
  • Water fountains and large fish aquarium cover up acoustic sounds

The great thing about all of these techniques is that they also help to create a warm and inviting area where your visitors will feel comfortable.

Importance of Controlling Acoustics in Commercial Property

You cannot stress the importance of controlling acoustics in commercial property enough. If you don’t control the noise level, it makes your place of business uncomfortable and undesirable for clients, no matter what type of business you have. If a patient can hear you discussing other patient’s personal medical issues, they will feel uncomfortable knowing others can hear them, as well.

If you’re trying to negotiation an important business deal and you can hear cars zooming up and down the street, it will disrupt the meeting and could cost you the deal. If you have bad acoustics in a concert hall, no one is going to spend money to see the musicians no matter how good they are. Excessive noise will also interfere with productivity because it will make it difficult for your staff to concentrate on their jobs.

The bottom line is this. If noises are disruptive to your daily routine, interferes with negotiations or if they make your clients feel uncomfortable, you have acoustic issues that you need to address.

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