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Add Excitement to Your Ceiling

by Support Team .

Sunday, November 24, 2013

When planning your new home interior design, many forget about the design of the ceiling.  After, the main focus is on the furniture, color palette and other issues rather than considering how the room can really come together with the right ceiling feature.  There are many rooms where the perfect ceiling will really tie in the entire look.  So yes, you do want to make sure your carpeting matches your drapes and that your throw rugs go with your furniture but don’t stop with the walls.  Make sure the entire room is complete by adding excitement to your ceiling.


Living Room

There are some really great choices for creating a stellar living room ceiling.  A tongue and groove redwood ceiling will not only look beautiful but will also conceal any insulation, cables or chords that are needed for the home.  Another option is an octagon pattern with molding details to create the feeling of elegance.  It doesn’t matter what you decide on, just make sure that you don’t leave out the living room ceiling when creating your luxury residential interior design choices.


It is well known that the pyramid shape can be great to promote better sleep and relaxation.  Many who meditate do so in a pyramid shaped chamber for maximum relaxation.  Try adding a pyramid shaped ceiling in the bedroom to offer better sleep after a hard day working at the office or on the golf course.  Make sure the rest of the room offers light and breezy colors without any loud patterns.  A touch of color here and there can tie in the entire bedroom interior design.


Don’t leave out the kitchen when planning your ceiling designs.  A kitchen with paneled lights can offer lighting that makes it easier to prepare meals and to shows off your culinary delights to their best.  A coffered ceiling is also a great option and makes a kitchen look sleek and well designed.  Both of these ceiling designs can go with any other décor for the room and work well in both modern or traditional kitchens.

Dining Room

Do you remember when you had that fabulous meal at your favorite bistro in Italy and how the exposed brick made you feel?  Why not have those feelings every time you eat a meal in your home with a dining room that sports a rustic firebrick ceiling?  Add in a nice chunky wood dining table and chairs along with hard wood flooring and you’ll be transported back to Italy over and over again!

Other rooms in the home can also benefit from great ceiling features like an atrium that has wonderful glass panes for the natural sunlight to come in or even a sunroom off the living room with similar features.  There are so many ceiling ideas that you can choose from that it almost seems silly to think that most homeowners forget about them when creating their home interior design.  Just speak to your high end interior designer in Miami to help you choose the right ceilings for each room in your home!

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