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Add Some Italian Flair to Your Home

by Support Team .

Friday, February 5, 2016

If you are looking for a new theme to set the mood and tone in your home, then why not try going for a beautiful Italian home. Not only will decorating your home with a Tucson and Italian flair really set the mood, it will add a touch of luxury and elegance.

Before you simply recolor your walls and start buying pictures that remind you of Italy, consider the following ways that you can quickly and easily make your home feel much more Italian in nature.

1. Choose Your Flooring Wisely

If you want to have a full Italian experience in your home, tile your floors. Many of the homes in Italy are tiled and not of carpet or wood. This is because the tiles look great in natural light and they keep the home much cooler.

2. Focus on the Dining Room

Italians enjoy family meals around the dinner table, so you should focus on the dining room when decorating your home. Not only should you have a large dinner table with ample seating available, you should also make sure the room is well lit with ambient lighting.

3. Large Kitchen Space

Since dinner and meals around the table are a big part of the Italian lifestyle, you should have a large kitchen with tons of space for guests and of course, cooking. A center island with some bar stools will give you an area where you can place appetizers and quickly serve anyone you need to.

In addition, stock your fridge with some worldly cheeses and wine.

4. Choose the Right Colors

Of course, you want to make sure that you choose the right colors for your home. For example, blues and whites would be more Mediterranean than Italian, so you want to go for red, blues, and yellows that all lay together. These colors speak to the Italian decorating style and you will love the way they look together.

5. Open Windows and Sheer Curtains

The Italian theme often calls for bare windows, but we understand this way not always be possible, especially if you live in a city setting. To still enjoy the Italian theme in your home, you can use some sheer curtains over your windows to still let the natural light in.

If you want to carry an Italian theme throughout your home, do not be afraid to choose bold colors and décor to go along with it. You should use as much natural lighting as you can and always enjoy a delicious meal surrounded by family and friends.


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