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Add Some Pop to Your New Home with Modern Interior Design

by Support Team .

Friday, August 30, 2013

So you bought a new home and you want to make it a showplace but you don’t know how to go about it, then you need to call in a professional.  These artists can come into your home and help you to get the design you want at a surprisingly affordable rate.  A modern interior design consultants can offer you advice on how to make any home look like it should be on the pages of a magazine while still offering comfort and durability.  Below are some ways to add some pop to your new home with modern interior design.

The Bathroom

One of the last places that home owners think about when decorating is the bathroom.  This is a very important room in the home and it has many purposes.  It needs to be functional as well as comfortable when soaking in the tub.  There needs to be a utilitarian when shaving and for when the ladies are getting ready to go out.  As you can see, a bathroom has to wear many faces so it should be one of the first rooms that you and your designer work on.

Modern Bathroom Interior Design

The Kitchen

The room that gets the most use in most houses is the kitchen.  It tends to be a meeting place at meal times and there’s always someone grabbing a snack or cooking a meal.  You do not want to scrimp when it comes to your kitchen so not only do you want it to be modern but you want to add an air of luxury to it without spending luxury money.  When considering luxury residential interior design, one of the hottest and most luxurious styles is the full chrome look.  It looks modern and expensive when it can actually be had for a good price when you go through a designer.  Another hot item is the induction stove top which stays cool while cooking foods at a more steady heat.

Modern Kitchen Interior Designs

Color Palettes

Just looking at more modern color palettes can set the stage for all of your home interior design projects.  A designer can show you how to utilize these colors to make them more modern and to create mood effects too.  Colors can dictate mood and this is important when choosing the color scheme of each room.  You don’t want bright reds and blues in a bedroom because these colors are not calming and don’t aid sleep.  In the bathroom they look very modern when used in small details like hand towels or guest soaps.

modern kitchen design

Owning a new home can be a wonderful and exciting time and it can also be a great way to add some new designs to your living space.  Before you move in, have an interior designer come in and check out the space to help you make the most of each room.  They can help you to choose the right colors, materials and furniture to make each room a unique showplace.  A professional designer has ideas that you would not think of and can offer lower prices to help save you money.


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