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Modern Apartment Design Using Geometric Patterns

by Support Team .

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

While decorating her apartment in Copenhagen, designer Mette Hagedorn used the white color and a variety of geometric patterns.

Living room

Mette’s Room has a pentagonal shape – the two outer walls form something like a bay window. Under the windows on the place of a sill a built-in locker is organized: magazines and books are kept on open shelves, and inside the closed lattice sections there are hidden radiators. Armchairs and sofas are vintage, from 1970s. To this period also belongs the collection of vases on the shelf.

living room
Image source: livinginside.it

Dining room

The dining area is located far enough away from the kitchen. In fact, the table there is of dual purpose: not only is it for eating, but also for work. The owner made it herself, having attached legs by furniture brand Hay to the table top of the right size. After moving in Mette decided not to repaint the door to the room: she likes how shabby surface perfectly contrasts with white walls and glossy plates. In the doorway looms the bedroom wall – wallpaper pattern overflow with rugs in the living room. This geometric pattern refers to the owner’s beloved style of 1960-1970’s.

dining room
Image source: livinginside.it


The interior of this room is made up of heterogeneous elements, which indicates the owner’s love to contrasting textures. The table top is made from ‘undestroyable’ Corian, and the standard hanging lockers are replaced with plywood boxes, screwed to the wall. They cannot boast ultra capacity, but that is not required: there’s a pantry for storing food.

Image source: livinginside.it


In this apartment a yellow color loses only to geometrical patterns in terms of its popularity. It wanders from room to room too, but in a tiny hallway it sets the tone. There was not enough space for a wardrobe, but a niche with built-in shelves and a whole rank of hooks fill this gap.

Image source: livinginside.it

Child’s room

The walls in the room of her son, who was three and a half years old at the time of the photo shoot, Mette papered with hexes from the remnants of wallpaper. In case someone wants to borrow this idea, designer advises to first cut the right amount of paper, lay it on the floor, and then take up the glue. The wardrobe is large but shallow, moreover, it ‘dissolves’ in the background of the wall, with which it merges in color.

child's bedroom
Image source: livinginside.it

Owner’s bedroom

In the district there are no high buildings, so the owner can live without curtains even in the bedroom. And if the common area is full of patterns and accessories, here everything is strict. It could not have been done without the geometric patterns, but they are monochrome. All this strictness is seasoned with a drop of the blue – in the collection of glass and the image of birds on decorative pillows.

owner's bedroom
Image source: livinginside.it


The apartment has a small guest toilet, but only one full bathroom. Logically, it is designed as neutral as possible. White-wood color scheme is diluted only by colorful textiles and inclusion of the accessories on the underframe of the sink.

Image source: livinginside.it

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