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Are You Ready for a Modern Kitchen?

by Support Team .

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Many of the grand luxury homes in Miami are not new and have an old feel to them and that typically means that they come with a more traditional kitchen.  For many people, this is a great feature of the home but there are those who want a more modern look to their kitchen.  If you are ready to take the leap to a modern kitchen in your luxury home, then you need to call a top interior designer in Miami to help you out.  While you wait for them to come and help you with your kitchen interior design needs, read below for some great ideas for a modern kitchen.

kitchen interior design

Limestone Offers a Great Modern Look

Limestone is a great material that is readily available and is now being used on kitchen islands for a very modern and sleek look.  It is subtle and goes with just about any other material and looks great with chrome or other stone countertops.  If you want a fully white kitchen, which is a new modern trend, then limestone is always a great choice.  You can also add some hand blown glass light features or drawer and cabinet pulls to add some luxurious color inspirations.

Interior Design for Kitchen

Quartzite is Also an Awesome Material

Quartzite and other stones have been a modern kitchen material for many years and are not going out of style any time soon.  Use this material for your island and for your countertops to give your kitchen a very modern look that is also durable for even the messiest cook in the family.  Use horizontal lines in the cabinetry to really boost the overall effect of the room.  The lines can also be added to the walls and even the refrigerator to really tie everything together in a modern way.

Porcelain is not Just for Pottery

While you may have some very expensive porcelain pieces around your home, it is not only for fine art anymore.  You can buy porcelain floor tiles and cabinets that really make a very modern and sleek look for any kitchen.  Again, a white kitchen is very modern and adding some little touches of color can bring the entire look throughout the entire kitchen.  Use some glass cabinet doors to give your kitchen an even more modern look.

Appliances Are Key

One of the hottest ways to make your kitchen modern, no matter how you decorate the rest of the room, is the appliances.  A huge double oven with an induction cooking surface is all the rage today and not only looks modern but makes for quicker cooking.  A modern chrome or color blasted refrigerator is another great option that will really bring your kitchen into the 21st century.  The bottom drawer freezer with a full refrigerator on top is all the rage right now.  You can even purchase appliances that have smart phone apps that can be programmed and turned on when away from home.  Need your shopping list?  Simply get on your app and see what your list you have programmed into your modern refrigerator.

Modern Kitchen Interior Design

So, is your home interior design ready for a modern kitchen in your not so modern home and are you ready to take that leap?

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