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Avoid These Kitchen Layout Design Mistakes

by Support Team .

Monday, February 22, 2016

When you sit down and start to think about it, a lot of activities take place in your kitchen from eating to drinking and socializing. If you make one of the following kitchen layout design mistakes, then you will find that your kitchen feels overcrowded and uncomfortable. Before you make one of these mistakes, let’s go over what they are.

Mistake 1 – Unused Space

If you are not utilizing the kitchen space that you have, then you are committing a big kitchen layout design mistake. You should utilize all of the storage space that you have and when you are having your kitchen remodeled, make use of space that is not being used already.

With the proper planning and thinking, you can easily use up space without leaving open gaps throughout your kitchen or under the cabinets.

Mistake 2 – Style Over Function

Focusing on what is trendy and not on what is functional can cause problems in your kitchen and lead you to dislike the choices you made. For example, what is trendy now may be bar pulls on the cabinet doors, but ten years down the road, will you still want to look at bar pulls in your kitchen when they are out of style?

Mistake 3 – No Backsplash

Not adding backsplash to your kitchen is a kitchen layout design mistake that you do not want to make. The reason behind this is because the backsplash functions as more than just a beautiful piece on the wall. The backsplash is much easier to clean and you will not have a buildup of grease on your walls.

Mistake 4 – Oversized Kitchen Island

The last biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to your kitchen layout is not choosing an island that fits in your kitchen. Whether you choose the wrong type of island or you choose one that does not have enough space for storage, you may find your kitchen cluttered and cramped.

When it comes to choosing your kitchen layout, you need to make sure that you are making the right choices. In addition to the layout of the kitchen, you should also pay close attention to the appliances you choose to make sure that they work well within your kitchen space.If you are looking for more ideas about the layout of your kitchen, we have some great ideas you can check out.


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