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The Basics of Good Interior Design 

by Editorial Team .

Monday, November 27, 2017

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Working with a leading Miami interior designer will allow you to create a home that you’ll love. The balance of style and functionality that you can bring to your home will make it more comfortable and practical, and you’ll be proud to entertain guests, or simply relax with your family in the perfect surroundings

If you’re building a new home, or if it’s time to remodel the home that you’re already in, then understanding the three basic principles of interior design will help you to work closely with the best interior designer in Miami.


Interior DesignYour interior design style should closely reflect you as the owner, or your whole household. Interior design is not just about impressing others, but it also means being comfortable within your home and having some of your favorite things reflected in the color schemes, furnishings, and accessories that are chosen.

If you’re a vibrant and socially outgoing person, then you might like the idea of pop-art inspired interior design. This design uses bold colors, artwork, and unique furnishings. If you’re more conservative and enjoy the elegant aesthetic, then you may like to go for interior design minimalism, or even Scandinavian inspired interior design where minimalism meets coziness and comfort.

It’s hugely important to work with a designer that will take the time to learn about you, your family, and your personality. Remember that this is your project, and while an interior designer will be there to steer you towards the ultimate aesthetic, they will ultimately be working for you and your needs. If you feel like your personality is not coming through, or if you are simply not happy with how the project is turning out, then don’t be afraid to talk to your designer so that you can both recalibrate on the theme that you are aiming for.

Mood and Proportion

The mood of a room comes primarily from the colors, textures, and furnishings that you choose to work with. Everything from your furniture to your accessories can have a significant impact on the mood of any room, so it’s important to think about each individual component to ensure that they are cohesive and that they create the right look and general feel within any room.

interior designer in MiamiMany of the top Miami interior designers start with an inspiration piece to set the mood of the room. This is a unique piece of furniture, or even a decoration or accessory, that represents the mood and the tone that you are want to achieve. Starting with a single inspiration piece is a great way to get involved in the interior design process, because it will allow you to communicate your vision to an interior designer, without having to know the unique terms and concepts used in the industry. You may already have an inspiration piece in mind, or you could work through a few different options with your designer.

Proportion is also important, particularly when choosing furniture and colors. Choose set pieces that are too large or imposing, and the room will start to feel small. Even the arrangement of furniture and accessories can have an impact on proportion, so this is something that needs to be at the forefront of your mind throughout the project. Miami interior designers from J.Design Group can help you to understand proportioning when you’re ready to start with a new interior design at your home.

Unique Emphasis

A room where the interior design is overly balanced and consistent, will not stand out as much as a room where the emphasis is used to bring out some key pieces. We’ve already touched on this with the use of inspiration pieces, but this can also mean using more than one piece of emphasis in a room. They may contrast and complement the main décor, or they may only deviate slightly from a central theme. When you work with the best interior designer in Miami at J.Design Group, you’ll learn more about how emphasis comes together and how it can benefit any of the feature rooms in your home.

Ready to Start Designing Your Dream Home?

Your home deserves the very best designers who will guide your concept and vision towards becoming reality. If you’re ready to get started with a Miami interior designer, then it’s time to get in touch with J.Design Group. With imaginative designs that combine contemporary sensibilities with your own style and concept, we can connect you with expert professionals who have worked on a number of Florida’s most exciting and inspiring interior design projects.


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