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Bathtubs: Take Your Time and Choose Wisely

by Support Team .

Friday, March 11, 2016

The bathtub that you choose for your bathroom makes all the difference. If you are choosing a bathtub that does not fit in the space you have or it does not accomplish what you want it to, then you will find that you are unhappy with your new redesigning project.

Below, we will go over some of the different choices you have when it comes to the bathtub in your bathroom.

Bathtubs: By Type

When it comes time to choose your tub, you will find that you have many different types available to choose from. For example, the most commonly chose tub is the general purpose tub, which is not too deep in size and is usually standard in residential homes. This tub is perfect for tub and shower combos, bathing kids, and more.

The next type of tub option you have is a walk-in tub. These are ideal for those who are unable to lift themselves over the sides of a deeper tub. Instead of climbing over, you are able to simply open up a door and step into the bathtub itself. The door that you walk in through has a protective seal that surrounds it, so that when you fill the tub, it does not leak.

Another option is the soaking bathtub. These tubs are deeper and allow you to spend time inside of the tub while submersing your entire body and relaxing. Often, these bathtubs come with whirlpool jets or even spray nozzles to enhance your experience.

Bathtubs: Features

If you did not know it, bathtubs also come with features similar to that of a shower and you can enhance the space anyway that you like.

In fact, you can have speakers integrated into the surrounding area, so that you can listen to jazz music and relax the night away.

Other options include heating and cooling controls, air tubs, jets, and even special lighting features.

Bathtubs: By Installation

The installation of your tub is just as important as the type you choose. One style of installation that is regaining its popularity is the freestanding tub. Of course, you need to have the proper plumbing and space for this type of installation, but there is no arguing that it is beautiful and luxurious.

Next, the alcove installation is the most common and is seen in many homes throughout America. This type of installation is where three walls touch the tub and then there is one open side to enter and exit.

Other types available include undermounts, drop ins, corner installation, and more.

If you thought those were the only options available to you, you have your own choice of colors and materials too! If you need help choosing the right type of bathtub for your bathroom, contact the team at J. Design Group today.

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