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Refrigerator Features of 2016 for Your Kitchen

by Support Team .

Sunday, May 29, 2016

If you have a plain, boring refrigerator in your kitchen, now is the time to upgrade. You will find that refrigerators have improved greatly over the last few years and so long are the days of just a plan front side and minimal interior features. Below, we will go over some of the best available refrigerator features and trust us, you will be impressed.

Best Refrigerator Features #1: Temperature Display at Your Fingertips

The Samsung Star Display is one that you may want in your fridge. The function works to show you the current temperature throughout the different compartments in your fridge. For example, you can view the temperature of the veggie drawer and the main compartment of your fridge. All temperature readings are LED lights that only glow when you open the refrigerator.

Best Refrigerator Features #2: Automatic Measuring

Have you ever attempted to fill your cup with ice or water only to find that too much comes out and leaves a mess on your floor? If so, you will enjoy the automatic measuring and filling feature. This feature allows you to choose either a precise fill or an auto fill. The system detects the size of your glass and then fills it according to the size of the glass. You can also choose to have the system dispense an exact amount of liquid or ice that you want it to.

Best Refrigerator Features #3: Herb Storage Drawer

If you have an herb garden or you like to use herbs, then you will enjoy the herb drawer feature. The drawer sits at an angle, so you can fill it with a small amount of water to keep the herbs’ stems wet.

Best Refrigerator Features #4: Soda Stream, Keurig, or Ice Cream

Did you know that your fridge can come with a built in soda stream? Or a built in Keurig machine? Or even a built in ice cream machine? It is true and it is a pretty neat feature.

All of the above refrigerator features are perfect for any home and many refrigerators now come with smart automation to make life easier on you. When it comes time to decorate and redesign your kitchen, make sure you choose the right appliances and features to ensure your kitchen is functional and practical.

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