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Brighten your living room with this luxurious ceiling lamp selection

by Support Team .

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Luxurious Ceiling Lamp

Luxurious ceiling lamps are often underestimated in how they impact a room’s decór. They are a piece of functional furniture that can either make the room a success or an awkward space where something is just “a little bit off.”

In more archaic times, ceiling lights were restricted to torches and candelabras. As ages went by, their design evolved, and now there are thousands of different types of ceiling lamps to choose from. We have selected a few that have landed well with their brand’s clients so you can have an idea of what to look for when selecting ceiling lamps for your living room.

Crystal for light and day

One of Lumens’ most popular designs is the Hope Suspension chandelier, designed by Francisco Gomez Paz for Luceplan. It is a gorgeous crystal design that reminisces of a modern ice palace. It earns its name after a 45-karat diamond, and it certainly makes it justice. It comes in 24, 28, and 43 inches, starting at $1,181.25. Although it may be a little expensive, this chandelier is just mesmerizing to watch from any of its angles.

On a more modest side, there’s the Solaris Chandelier, designed by Crystorama, which is another of Lumens’ most highly-esteemed products, mainly because of its elegant simplicity. It is a perfect counterpart for the Hope Suspension. It is surrounded by round wrought iron rings, encasing it in something that may look like an atom’s orbits. Starting at $218,00, the Solaris Chandelier comes in many adjustable dimensions, going from 6 inches diameter, up to 130 inches.

Matte for calm and night

Now, if you’d prefer something “tall and slender,” John Lewis’ Lee Broom Decanter chandelier might be just what you need. Its design is ideal for kitchens and bars, as its crystal lamps resemble bottles and flasks of different kinds. It samples five decanters, including two square bottles, one tulip, and two bells, hanging at various altitudes.

Lewis’ design was awarded “Best Interior” on Elle Decoration UK’s British Design Awards. John Lewis is based in the UK, so the Lee Broom Decanter must be ordered from overseas if you plan on putting it on your Miami estate. The list price is £1,250.00, or $1535.25 as of March 2017.

Also from John Lewis, there’s the Tom Dixon Stout Beat Pendant Light. With its matte black finish, it’s the perfect ceiling lamp for your office, library, or bedroom. The hand-crafted and polished interior is exceptionally bright on the inside but dark and cool on the outside.

Curators describe Lewis’ design as “beautifully simple and indescribably elegant,” and it is easy to see. It also contrasts with all the designs mentioned above based on crystal and light reflection. The Tom Dixon Stout Beat Pendant Light starts at £705.00 or $865.91 as of March 2017.

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