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Buffet Decorating: Tips to Style Yours Correctly

by Support Team .

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Your dining room buffet is not just a place to store additional pieces of silverware or food for the masses. In fact, the buffet serves more of a purpose than that and it is vital that you decorate the buffet properly to ensure that it flows with your home’s theme. Check out these awesome buffet decorating tips below.

Buffet Decorating: Start with a Blank Space

When it comes to decorating, you do not want to start with an already clogged up space. You need to remove any items that may already be on your buffet and set them somewhere else. You need the space to be blank including the walls around the area. This way, you will be able to think clearly and envision your own idea.

Buffet Decorating: Consider a Mirror

If you like the way that mirrors look on the wall, a great place to put one is above the buffet in your dining room. This way, you will brighten the room and make it look much larger. If you do not like the idea of a mirror, try photographs of your favorite family moments and memories.

Buffet Decorating: Add Some Light

If you have an extra lamp or two, consider placing them on top of the buffet. You will find that these lamps allow you to have an extra glow without the overhead lights being turned on.

Buffet Decorating: Consider Fresh Flowers

Fresh flowers add a nice appeal within the home and can brighten up your dining room. When it comes to the color of your flowers, you should choose ones that complement your home. For example, white flowers are always pretty, but you can also choose yellow, orange, or any other color that represents you and meshes with your home décor.

If you need help styling your buffet, consider the tips above. Your buffet is an important piece of furniture within the dining room and you can use it for more than just storing additional dishware.

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