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Building Luxury Hotels for the New Generation

by Support Team .

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

luxury hotelWhen you’re in the hospitality business, you understand the importance of meeting the needs and expectations of your guests. The problem is that the wants and needs of luxury travelers change with each generation. Many young adults who traveled a lot with their parents have seen just about everything hotels have to offer.

They’ve experienced the fancy interiors adorned with elaborate décor to the point that it’s no longer special and that makes it much harder to impress this generation of travelers. So, what’s next? What can you do to make a good impression on tomorrows luxury travelers? Many professionals suggest that creating elaborate interiors with high tech systems is the way to go and others suggest keeping it simple is a better strategy.

Designing Extreme Luxury Hotels for the New Generation

Luxury hotels offer the ultimate in comfort. They have beautiful décor, expensive paintings on the walls and everything from complementary bathrobes and slippers in the bathroom to butler service that takes care of your every need. How could you ever make them better?

Some professional interior designers are looking at ways to go more high-tech, especially where security is concerned. It’s a great way to improve hotel rooms that already have everything you can think of because staying safe and secure while traveling is top priority for all travelers.

Choosing an exotic or unusual location for your hotel is another option that will surely get attention. Imagine staying in a hotel built underwater or one that sits on a mountain peak. Both of these would offer an amazing view that you just don’t see every day and both of them already exist, which proves you’re only limited by your imagination.

Keep It Simple

Some professionals believe the new generation of luxury travelers are tired of all the fancy interiors and elaborate décor. They believe that many people are looking for simple pleasures that allow them to escape their hectic and stressful lives. Of course, they still want the luxury bedding and comfortable surroundings but these guests are more interested in the overall experience than they are fancy décor.

Simple, clean rooms combined with excellent customer service where the friendly staff caters to your every need does sound appealing. Add a design that increases privacy and you’re sure to attract a wide variety of luxury travelers to your establishment.

Which Option Is the Best?

It’s hard to say which option is the best for your hotel because it all depends on the individual traveler. Therefore, you have to decide which option is best for you based on your particular type of hotel and the type of travelers you’re targeting. What are they looking for in a hotel? Which option appeals to them the most?

Here at J, Design Group we have years of experience designing interiors for the hospitality industry. We can help you make those difficult choices and create a luxury hotel design that suits your business perfectly.

Designing hotels for the new generation of travelers is sure to be a challenge but it will be interesting to see what they come up with next. Which option are you most attracted to?

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