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Choose the Right Flooring for Your Home

by Support Team .

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Choosing the flooring for your home is a big decision. It lays the foundation for the rest of the décor and it has a positive or negative impact on your mood, which is why you need to choose a style that you truly like. Some people love carpet while others believe nothing compares to hardwood floors.

The best part is that no matter which type of material you use for your flooring, you have a wide assortment of styles, patterns, colors and textures to choose from. This makes it easy to find something that suits your style perfectly.

Your personal preference should play a major role in the type of flooring you choose but it shouldn’t be the deciding factor. When choosing which type of flooring to use, consider which room you’ll be placing it in and think about your lifestyle. This way, you can choose something that is not only stylish but that is also practical for your home.

Why Your Lifestyle Matters

Your lifestyle has a direct impact on which type of flooring is best suited for your home. If there’s a lot of foot traffic, you need to consider durability and ease of cleaning. For example, do you have small children or plan to have kids in the near future? If so, you need a flooring that will hold up to the spills and dirt that gets tracked in daily.

Do you have indoor pets? Even if your furry little friend is house trained, he can still have accidents that can stain certain types of flooring such as carpets and hard wood floors. You also want something durable but luxurious if you entertain guests often. The way you live will make a difference in which type of flooring is best suited for your home.

Choosing Colors and Patterns

Looking in magazines and online to find the color and patterns you like is a good idea but keep in mind that you may not be able to use the same type of materials these designs use. For example, if you see a particular pattern that you love in ceramic tile, you may need to look for the same pattern in a vinyl tile instead of the ceramic, especially if you have kids.

Ceramic tiles are very slippery when wet and they can crack if you drop something heavy on them. Therefore, you can use these designs as a guide for color and pattern options but in order to choose the right flooring for your home, you’ll need to modify them to match your specific needs.

Match the Flooring to the Room

In addition to choosing flooring that is durable enough to hold up to your lifestyle, you also want to choose a material that is suitable for the room it goes in. Carpet is a good choice for bedrooms and dens where you want to create a comfortable and relaxing environment. However, when choosing flooring for bathrooms, you need something that won’t mold and mildew from the moisture.

Replacing the flooring is expensive and inconvenient, so it’s not something that you want to do regularly. When you take your time and seriously think about your options before having it installed, you can make a decision for your home that you’ll be happy with for a long time.


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