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Your Front Door Matters: Tips for Painting It

by Support Team .

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Ever wonder whether or not someone pays attention to your front door? Well, they do. In fact, the color and style of your front door comes into play when someone judges your home or when someone is thinking about purchasing your home. Below, we will go over some tips to help you choose the right color for your front door.

Tip 1: Orange Front Door

If you are afraid of an orange door, don’t be. It is easy to choose a wrong shade of orange, so you must be conscious when you are picking it out. If you are worried that the color will be too strong, try toning it down and going with a softer orange or even a color with an orange hue.

Tip 2: Yellow Front Door

If you are considering a yellow front door, you will find that it brightens the front of your home and draws eyes right to it. If you do choose to go with a yellow color, you should make sure that the exterior of your home is a soft color such as beige or white.

Tip 3: Black Front Door

A black front door is your classic front door and it adds a hint of elegance to any home, especially lighter colored homes that are white or yellow in color. When you do choose to paint your front door black, go with a darker hue and follow up with a shiny gloss to really add in the elegance factor.

Tip 4: Red Front Door

A red front door will provide your home with a rustic and country feel while standing out to those who take a peek. There are different shades of red that you can go with and the type of red you choose should play well with the exterior color of your home. For example, a crimson red would match ell with darker colors such as a grey, blue, or green while a brighter red will look better with a softer colored home such as a yellow or even a white.

Your front door speaks volumes about your home and you want it to say good things. To help you make your home stand out amongst those in your neighborhood, choose a bright color that pops and takes in the natural surroundings nearby your home.

Remember, the exterior of your home is important and if your home’s exterior is not maintained, you will find people avoid walking up to the front door or they form an opinion about your housekeeping skills.

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