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Refreshing color schemes for your home office

by Support Team .

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Color Schemes Office

As people continue to work from home, it´s important to satisfy the need to revamp your space. Here are some color schemes to help refresh your home office.

Now more than ever, freelancing is one of the ways people develop their careers. Freelancing refers to a professional working on its own, without managerial representation. Being someone who does not have a “job” in the classical sense, what’s most likely is that a freelancer works from a home office.

Most young entrepreneurs feel the need of working from their homes. Many times it is affordable, and comfortable, while they can send and receive many things just by using the internet or other forms of telecommunication, making room for innovative ways to make a living without moving from one place to another.

The key to productivity is a soothing, and comfortable workspace

Eventually, freelancers see that working from their bed is not the best way to go. Having a desk is encouraged, just like a good source of light, preferably natural light. Giving life to a home office means decorating and designing it in such a way that it boosts productivity while keeping a peaceful and comforting ambiance. The secret to achieving this is thinking about color schemes for your home office.

By far, the most soothing and calm color scheme for a home office is dark gray and its lighter tones. Dark gray is essential, professional, secure, and helps make furniture stand out and make your work the focus of the room. It plays gently with decoration, especially plants, flowers, and books. Dark gray will help you focus and attain an “I must get working” state of mind.

Color schemes for her, and for him

Women tend to be closer to the color pink than men. This depends on how the person feels about working in a place where energy is the most abundant element in a room. A light pink matched with black and white colors creates an ambiance of accuracy, creativity, and energy. This scheme gets along well with chromed details and picture frames. Pair it up with a white table and a white rug, and you’ll have an open space for your ideas to run wild.

One of the favorite color schemes for home offices is sea blue, blue being one of the calmest colors. Make sure that the shade of blue that you pick is not too intense or numbing because it can distract you from doing your work. Light and sea blue create confidence and trust between the space and the user. This can help you accomplish your professional goals and feel good about it later throughout the day. Sea blue also helps make the room look larger and fresher. It works well with wooden surfaces and reducing visual distraction to a minimum.

You can also try using brighter colors, such as orange, red, and yellow. However, this is better done in small quantities, as an overwhelming orange wall may feel distracting if you intend on passing well over two hours sitting on your workstation. On the other hand, painting just the part where the workstation is located can do wonders, as it will direct attention to where work takes place in the room.

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