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Don’t Overdo It! 5 Common Interior Design Mistakes

by Support Team .

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Often, when you start designing your home, you come up with a variety of things you want to do to make it perfect. Unfortunately, a good idea can turn into an interior design mistake quickly.

Making a few small adjustments to your home can make a huge difference and completely change the way your home looks. Consider the following interior design mistakes to see if you are committing any of these no-nos.

1. Balance is Key

If you have oddly shaped furniture that does not fit properly into the room, you will find that the room looks unbalanced and uneven. For instance, if your room is small, placing an over-sized couch in it can cause the room to look even more cramped. On the other hand, furniture that is too small should not go into a large room.

2. Avoid the Paint and Furniture Matching Pitfall

While you may be excited to pick out your furniture, don’t go hunting for it just yet. You need to pick out the colors for each room BEFORE you attempt to purchase furniture. It is easier to match the furniture to the paint color than vice versa.

Unless you do not mind being stuck with a paint color you despise, hold off on choosing your décor.

3. Stop Putting Things in Your Living Room

One huge mistake that many people make is that they put too much furniture into the living room. By doing this, you detract from the beauty of the room and the space becomes cramped. Your living room will look like a store and not like a luxurious place to relax.

In addition to too much furniture, do not place too many decorations and nick-knacks throughout the house either. Not only will they collect dust, you will look like you enjoy clutter.

4. Let the Light Shine In

Your windows are a great source of light for your home. The natural sunlight will provide a beautiful ambiance against your flooring and furniture. One mistake that homeowners make is that they cover up the windows, which leaves the room gloomy and dark.

You can spice up your windows by adding some sheer curtains and tie backs to let light in.

5. Break up the Monotony

Lastly, a common mistake is purchasing furniture and décor from the same place or of the same color. It is important that you break up the monotony in your rooms and have a variety of colors and styles.

If you need help designing and decorating the space in your home, contact the professionals at J. Design Group today. Our experts will work with you to create a beautiful, luxurious interior that you are proud to come home to.

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