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Need More Room for the Kids? Convert the Garage to a Playroom

by Support Team .

Sunday, April 3, 2016

If you have limited space in your home, convert the garage to a playroom. Your garage may not seem like the ideal place for your kids to play in right now, but soon, it will look like a child’s sanctuary. Below, we will go over some tips and ideas to quickly and easily convert the garage to a playroom.

Convert the Garage to a Playroom Step 1: Plan for the Conversion

Before you lay down new carpet or you start to put toys in the garage, sit down and plan out how you want to convert the garage to a playroom. When you start to plan, think about the long-term. While your toddler may be small now, remember, they will grow up at some point and you should think about when they are also a bit older.

A playroom can be used for children of all ages, so choose a design that will work for your three-year-old, six-year-old, and ten-year-old.

During the planning phase, you should also consider replacing your garage door as it is not a good choice for a playroom. You can have a traditional stucco or concrete wall installed in place of the door.

Convert the Garage to a Playroom Step 2: Choose the Flooring

Now that you have a plan in place, it is time to start thinking about the flooring you plan to use in your new playroom. Many homeowners like to lay carpet down because it is soft and provides your feet with a soft place to land. In addition, the carpet provides cushion in case your toddler falls down.

In addition to carpet, consider using soft puzzle piece flooring. Not only will it last for years to come, it adds a youthful feeling to the room – and, after all, it is a playroom for your child.

Convert the Garage to a Playroom Step 3: Lighting and Air Conditioning

Lighting is an important part of the playroom along with air conditioning and heat for in the winter. You should consider your needs and then adjust the playroom to meet those needs. You will need electrical outlets in your garage and should plan for a few to ensure all of your electrical needs are met when you need them to be.

Window unit air conditioners are a good idea in the garage because they can cool down the space when you need them to without being overpowering or using too much AC. When winter comes around, you can invest in a small space heater to help keep the room warm, but make sure the space heater is out of reach of your toddler or child.

Convert the Garage to a Playroom Step 4: Decorate the Room and Child-Proof It

The last step once your playroom is ready is to decorate it and child-proof it. You will need to add baby gates and electrical socket covers where needed along with any other protection methods you want to use.

Decorating the playroom will be fun and an exciting time for you and your child. The two of you can work together to add stickers to the wall, paint, and much more.

When you convert the garage to a playroom, you will provide your toddler or young child with more room to play and this new room will be safe and built to suit.

In addition to converting your garage to a playroom, you can convert it into a living space for the whole family.

Lastly, if you are looking for some design ideas and tips for your child’s room, check some out here.

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