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Best Countertop Material Options Available for Your Home

by Support Team .

Sunday, March 20, 2016

When it comes time to choose your countertop material, you may find it difficult to wade through all of the options available to you.

For example, not only can you choose the material, there are option options to consider including the style, any grains that run through the surface, and the color. Oh, and wait! You also have to consider whether or not the material and color option will fit with your kitchen theme.

To help make the choosing process just a little easier for you, we will discuss the most popular countertop material that is chosen by most homeowners.

Countertop Material 1: Wood

Ah, wood. It is beautiful and even adds a rustic and country look to any kitchen. The warm color adds a hint of luxury and many homeowners would choose wood time and time again if given the option.

One reason this option is so popular is because you can choose a variety of colors and grains. In addition, you can have custom countertops designed and you can even choose to have butcher’s block installed, so that your countertop doubles as a cutting board when you need it to.

While there are many positives to choosing wood as a countertop material, the downside is that you typically have to treat the wood often with oil to ensure it remains sleek and in good condition.

Countertop Material 2: Engineered Stone

If you are looking for an alternative to natural stone, engineered stone is the perfect option. This type of stone provides a durable and strong countertop that will hold up for a lifetime. Made in a factory, it is manufactured and made up of quartz, which provides that tough finish.

There are many color options available and the best part about this type of countertop material – it doesn’t have to be sealed.

Countertop Material 3: Glass

Glass is an extremely stunning countertop material and it provides an elegant touch to any home. While you do have to be much more careful with this type of countertop material, it provides a flawless look.

The downside to these countertops is that they can break easily and they show a lot of fingerprints; however, if you are sure to be careful around them, they are ideal because they are heat resistant and tough overall.

Countertop Material 4: Granite

Granite countertops are not joke and they add a beautiful touch to any kitchen and will stun all of your guests. Granite counters are durable, heat resistant, and they come with a beautiful natural grain that ensures the right look for your home.

Of course, these countertops can stain easily, so you must make sure that you clean them whenever something spills and make sure to have a seal put on the granite every year.

In addition to the above choices, you can also choose a slate countertop, which is luxurious in and of itself. To learn more about slate as an option, click here.

Lastly, when you are piecing your kitchen together, it is important that you choose the right kitchen sink and island to ensure your finished kitchen is functional!

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