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Create a Bold Mediterranean Look in Your Home

by Support Team .

Monday, November 2, 2015

Who doesn’t love the Mediterranean? From the beautiful and inviting blue waters in Greece to the local food favorites using Mediterranean spices and feta cheese, you too can now experience the warm and inviting feeling in your home.

The Mediterranean is known for many of their bold colors and inviting decorations that are envied around the world. If you want to create a space that screams Mediterranean, the following tips below will help you out.

1. Quality Wall Textures

In the Mediterranean, you are not going to find boring and plain walls. If you want to create the feel in your home, you should opt-in for some texture. The texturing can be smooth, similar to Venetian plaster or you can choose to go all out with a rigid and elegant plaster.

When choosing your wall texture, consider whether you want the look to be more refined or ornate. You can go to either extreme or find something right in the middle to meet your needs.

2. Choose Bright Colors

One thing the Mediterranean does not lack is color. If you are redecorating your home, you want to capture the look right away so that your guests know exactly what it is you are going for.

When it comes time to choose your colors, you should go with an earth tone backdrop and accent colors in a bright yellow, lapis blue, or even an emerald green. Each color should draw more color from its pairing.

You can often find beautiful Mediterranean inspired tiles that can be used as a border in your home or on your staircase.

3. Choose the Right Window Coverings

Your window coverings should be of a silk or cotton textile. Most Mediterranean homes have flowing and airy textiles cascading from the windows and blowing in the wind. You can easily add some olive green or brown textiles throughout your home to create the perfect look.

4. Get New Flooring

If you want to draw out the Mediterranean look in your home, you will need to update your flooring. In most Mediterranean homes, you will find tile flooring as it is easy to clean and maintain. When choosing your flooring, opt-in for natural limestone tiles or marble.

Decorating your home with a Mediterranean flare is easy to do if you understand the color schemes. If you have an idea in mind, but you are unsure of how to bring it to life, the team at J. Design Group can help you. We pride ourselves on offering the best interior design services throughout Miami and the surrounding areas.

Are you ready to decorate, but don’t know where to start? Learn more about how you can start your own decorating project.

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