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Create a Mom Cave with These Easy Tips

by Support Team .

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

African American businesswoman at work on laptop and cell phoneFor years, men have had the “man cave”, which is a special room in the home designed just for them. You can decorate the space to suit your individual tastes because it’s your room and no one else in the home uses it. Today, the “mom cave” is growing in popularity and it’s the same thing but designed just for women.

Everyone needs some time alone. It gives you time to relax and think about your day and your life in general. When you have your own special room, you can spend this time doing the things that you enjoy such as reading, arts and crafts, exercising or simply sitting back listening to your favorite tunes.

How to Create a Mom Cave

Creating a mom cave is not that difficult. Start by cleaning out the spare room and be sure to take everything out of it. If this is truly going to be your special room, then everything from the flooring to the color of the walls should be exactly what you want. Once the room is clean, you can begin decorating to suit your personal taste.

The following five tips can help you create the ultimate mom cave:

  1. Decide how you want to use the room- The way you want to spend your time in your mom cave will determine how you decorate it and what furnishings you’ll need, so this is something you need to decide before you begin.
  2. Make it personal- Everything in the room should be what you like. If you prefer carpet to wood flooring, have your favorite color carpet installed. Paint the walls your favorite color and decorate with the wall art you like best, even if no one else in the home appreciates your choice of style.
  3. Only add the furniture that you personally love- Shop for a desk, sofa, chair, lamps and other furnishings for your mom cave that you love. This is your opportunity to decorate any way you want to, so take advantage of it. Choose your style and go with it.
  4. Create a soothing, relaxing atmosphere- You can do this by adding scented candles and having a variety of lighting installed to create the right environment for different moods. A fireplace would also be a nice touch that would help create a soothing environment.
  5. The room should be yours exclusively- The whole point of creating the mom cave to begin with is to have your own private space, so it would defeat the purpose if you have to share your space with others.

Here at J-Design Group, our interior designers can help you create the perfect mom cave. We provide exceptional service for all of our interior design projects, no matter how large or small they are.

Why Every Woman Needs a Mom Cave

Women need a special place in the home where they can call their own. Life is stressful no matter how you spend your day and having a room designed and decorated just for you can help relieve some of that stress. It can help you relax and prepare for another day of work, taking care of the kids, cleaning, preparing meals and running all those errands.

Sometimes, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to take care of everything but having a place you can call your own where you can unwind for a bit will help you deal with all the stress and aggravation. The mom cave is that place and all you need to create it is a spare room.

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