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Secrets Exposed: Creating a Luxurious Bathroom

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Thursday, October 15, 2015

Upon walking into your bathroom, what is the feeling you get? Do you feel gloomy? Do you wonder what you can do to spice it up?

A luxurious bathroom embodies more than just expensive items strategically placed throughout it and there are a few elements you can alter to truly create a luxurious space.

The following secrets will help you take your bathroom from drab and boring to fab and elegant in no time at all.

Secret 1: Choose Natural Materials

When creating your luxurious bathroom, choose timeless and beautiful pieces of natural material for the countertops, walls, and flooring.

Some of the best pieces include marble and granite. You can also add additional accents including beautiful polished river rocks on the walls.

The best part about using these materials is not only that they provide an elegant feel; they last for a lifetime too.

Secret 2: Create Texture throughout the Bathroom

When you are in a bathroom, you want to feel comforted. To add texture to your bathroom consider adding some elements such as a plush and fluffy rug in the middle of the floor or place some plush towels throughout. These elements will elevate the bathroom while providing a feel of luxury.

If you have stone floors, you could place a bamboo runner from the tub to the door to create a texturized feel as well.

Secret 3: Add Personality

No one likes a bathroom that lacks personality, but no one likes a bathroom that is cluttered with too much personality. You should add an accent or two on the counters, but keep it light and free from clutter.

For instance, you could place a plate with candles on the counter or even place a basket with some rolled up towels on the countertop. This adds just enough personality to the bathroom without going overboard.

Secret 4: Lighting is a Necessity

Lighting is not only just a necessity, but it adds depth to your bathroom as well. If you have windows in your bathroom, use them to your advantage and let the natural light shine in. You can hang a sheer curtain over the windows to prevent people from seeing in while maximizing the amount of light that floods through.

If you have a bathroom that does not have any windows, you can keep the luxurious look by adding soft, ambient lighting throughout the bathroom. Placing some light scones on the walls or elevating the lights you have above your mirrors can make a true difference.

Work with a Professional Bathroom Interior Designer Today

If you are looking to remodel or redecorate your bathroom, the team at J. Design Group can help you. With many years of experience in bathroom design, our team can help bring your ideas and vision to life.

If you are looking for additional steps to spruce up your bathroom interior, learn more about adding a walk-in shower.

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