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Creating a Adult Den Room in Your Home

by Support Team .

Friday, May 15, 2015

In many homes, dens or lower level floors are dedicated spaces for children to store their toys and play a distance away from the adults relaxing upstairs. However on the opposite end of that, they can also be ideal locations for adults to build their own spaces for luxury events and casual good times with friends or family. There are many ways to design a den to be the ultimate hangout spot for people who like to entertain guests, and with a few short additions you too could have a fun space to de-stress from the hectic work week.

For starters, the most popular thing to add to a den space is a at-home bar or fancy liquor cabinet. Most people like to unwind with a drink or two on the occasional night during the business week, and instead of going through the trouble of driving to an alternate location it could be even better to have a happy hour in your own home. There are so many kinds of bars that are in the stores for purchase and most of them even fold up to save space when they aren’t in use. Having somewhere safe to sit on a stool and enjoy a cocktail on any given night is not only a safer option, but it can really add some character to your downstairs room.

If there are going to be drinks involved, a pool table is another great addition to bring in when designing an adult den space. Even if you don’t go all out and buy a full sized one, playing a game of pool is a great way for adding some entertainment under your roof that older guests or family members can enjoy. This could be an ideal activity for when friends stop by, and it won’t cost anyone anything to participate in.

A lounge with some comfortable chairs or couches accompanied by a large television set in a den also makes a great place to watch sports games, live tv events, or late night movies without disturbing the rest of the household. Sometimes the content of whatever is being watch isn’t age appropriate for kids, so a secluded area to watch such things that is apart from the family room could be just what your den needs to make it a more adult-friendly environment.

At the end of the day, hard working citizens need a place to rest their feet where they don’t need to feel the pressure of entertaining a younger crowd. Designing your very own “adult den” room could be the perfect addition home to give everyone they space they need to relax.

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